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a quotation at the beginning of some piece of writing

an engraved inscription

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As to the second of the four epigraphs, "Il doutait de tout, meme de l'amour" (He doubted everything, even love), Clough attributed it to a French novel, as he attributed the other three to Shakespeare, Solutio Sophismatum (sophistical solution), and Horace, respectively.
What, for example, was the author thinking as he quoted this line from Karl Marx's Zur Judenfrage, "To formulate a question is to resolve it" for the epigraph to his third chapter, "How Do We Reason?
In the third section of this aggregate there are beautiful epigraphs throughout, revealing winged angels, the tree of life, boar hunting in the groves, duck hunting etc.
The line that creates the epigraph to Defiance is "We are the same people, only further from home" (Defiance, New York: Theatre Communications Group, 2007).
An epigraph from Herman Melville turns up early in Holbrooke's remarkable chronicle of his experience in the Balkans, "To End a War" (1998).
The epigraphs of Down by the River reference two of the most read, interpreted, and written-about texts in Western culture, and these two epigraphs not only foreshadow key themes in the novel but offer both a method of reading the novel and a warning to the novel's readers that they are implicated in what occurs within it.
Eiluned Lewis's novel may be seen as an embodiment of Wordsworth epigraph to the Immortality Ode: "The Child is father of the Man; And I could wish my days to be, bound each to each in natural piety," except that Lewis changes the gender of the Child: her "Lucy" is mother of the woman and author.
Epigraphs at the beginnings of chapters tease the mind with Pawnee verse, the warnings of a Cheyenne chief, the autobiography of Luther Standing Bear, and the philosophy of Black Elk.
Machiavelli epigraphs notwithstanding, Stewart is no cynic, which makes his book all the more valuable.
For instance, a chapter titled "Measuring Mechanical Strength," which opens with two epigraphs about "developed" and "undeveloped" manhood, would surely benefit from further attention to the racial tropes of barbarity and civilization which upheld late nineteenth-century understandings of development.
Therefore, his own edition adheres to Gautier's choices in Poesies completes, placing the omitted poems and epigraphs in separate sections.
From the dedication to granddaughters, "Perfect at Any Size," to the eight opening epigraphs, to the acknowledgments, to the foreword and its annotations, to the epigraphs the editor affixed to each story, to the outstanding historical overview provided in the 40-page afterword, to its annotations, to a final bibliography--The Strange History forearms its readers.
Structurally, the book has academic tones--sections with Latin titles, a dozen epigraphs by authors as varied as Arthur Rimbaud, Louise Gluck and Quincy Troupe--but fortunately Kocher maintains a balance between her obvious intellect, command of poetic craft and her ability to express an intangible sense of flesh and soul.
Unburdened with a definition of existentialism from a student encyclopedia, epigraphs from Jean Paul Sartre, Tennyson, Homer, T.
In 1832, Rama III had the Buddhist monks of War Po glean what information was left from the Burmese destruction and carve sixty stone epigraphs depicting the Sen (Energy) Lines used in Traditional Thai Massage, thus preserving this ancient knowledge of healing.