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a quotation at the beginning of some piece of writing

an engraved inscription

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In the third section of this aggregate there are beautiful epigraphs throughout, revealing winged angels, the tree of life, boar hunting in the groves, duck hunting etc.
The line that creates the epigraph to Defiance is "We are the same people, only further from home" (Defiance, New York: Theatre Communications Group, 2007).
The epigraphs alert us to some of the major themes; love lost, lust, and cuckoldry.
An epigraph from Herman Melville turns up early in Holbrooke's remarkable chronicle of his experience in the Balkans, "To End a War" (1998).
Eiluned Lewis's novel may be seen as an embodiment of Wordsworth epigraph to the Immortality Ode: "The Child is father of the Man; And I could wish my days to be, bound each to each in natural piety," except that Lewis changes the gender of the Child: her "Lucy" is mother of the woman and author.
In "Other Writers, Other Looms: Richard Wright's Use of Epigraphs in Two Novels," she focuses on how the modernist epigraphs that Wright uses to introduce his chapters help illuminate themes; however, she argues that, while "the texture of a rather thin novel is enriched by its accompanying thematic allusion .
In a boldly unconventional structure, original verse epigraphs frequently preface Emerson's essays.
The epistemological and ontological rubric established by two epigraphs provides the formal foundation for The Trolley, a wonderful novel that is a splendid addition to Claude Simon's oeuvre.
One of the chapter's epigraphs is the Pauline condemnation of doing evil so that good may come of it (Romans 3:8).
The epigraphs (whose English translations are drawn from the works mentioned above) attest to the complexity and diversity of motivations in writing about one's past life.
On the wall of the entrance hall hang cards and photos of dozens of pets loved and lost, with epigraphs from bereaved owners like 'Sam--my best boy waiting in heaven' and 'For Bellamy--our first best hairiest friend.
For example, he leads us to expect requisite epigraphs, but what we find are self-authored statements, italicized at the beginning to appear as epigraphs.
One of the epigraphs in "Feast Days: Thanksgiving-Christmas" is as follows:
Indeed, while the paratextual component of "epigraphs" has a diachronic dimension, individual epigraphs (as well as individual blurbs, titles, dedications, prefaces, notes, etc.
The epigraphs at the front of No Lease on Life are these: "Be not forgetful to entertain strangers, for thereby some have entertained angels unawares" (Hebrews 13:2), and "Take anything, the land at your feet, and use it" (William Carlos Williams).