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the study of ancient inscriptions

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In 1961 he began working at the EFEO office on Monivong Boulevard under the famous epigraphist George CAdes, who at the time had no successor.
This is often the result of the unacknowledged work of hired epigraphists who work for "fixed rates per shloka of 32 aksaras", so generously employed by our reputed historians from the ranks of the Department of Archaeology, Government of Nepal.
Also from the United States, the epigraphist Philip Jenner (Cornell University), in close collaboration with Saveros Pou, chose to study ancient inscriptions in the vernacular language.
Epigraphists have occasionally treated the horos of Zeus (A) alone, but nearly all who deal with both A and B take them both without commentary or question as having the single context of the shrine of Zeus.
Napoleon's example of taking antiquaries, etymologists, epigraphists and naturalists with him to Egypt conferred a cultural dimenson to post-Napoleonic French colonialism which had not been there before.
Those who invent programmes, who make calculations, as well as the epigraphists who note down ancient inscriptions, usually mobilise very little capital.
Access to these unpublished inscriptions and collaboration by Indian scholars and epigraphists make the studies contained in this volume quite remarkable.
The way we study Augustus' Rome has been changing dramatically: I do not mean so much new discoveries of monuments or inscriptions, exciting though they have been,(1) as the new-found disposition of archaeologists, art-historians, epigraphists, and Latinists to talk to each other and to admit cross-fertilization into their work; this spirit of co-operation has engendered a large bibliography,(2) and one only regrets that the sort of multi-disciplinary approach that was self-evident to the best Hellenists in Germany 150 years ago has been so painfully slow in reaching Latin studies
The organization has trained archaeologists, conservators, epigraphists, horticulturists, architects and scientists for conducting archaeological research conservation and day-to-day maintenance, development and other related activities through its Circles, Excavation Branches, Prehistory Branch, Epigraphy Branches, Science Branch, Horticulture Branch, Building Survey Project, Temple Survey Projects and Underwater Archaeology Wing.
It is true that in actual practice most epigraphists unconsciously work in this manner and usually start scrutinizing the minute details only if there is more than one possibility.
Like in Nepal Mandala, Slusser has taken the Nepali publications of her stellar collaborators (rising epigraphists or Sanskritists they may be then, but in the 1960s they weren't any art historians) as infallible words of authority in her analysis and interpretation of Nepali sculpture.
53) Though hand identification has been used successfully as a method of analysis by Stephen Tracy for Athens in the Hellenistic period, Attic epigraphists have routinely denied the possibility of identifying hands in Archaic inscriptions because the lack of standardization in letter forms and letter heights makes it too difficult to identify features particular to an individual hand.