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a quotation at the beginning of some piece of writing

an engraved inscription

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However, in the vortex or the 'nothingness' at the centre of the spiral (and the novel), as Kerewin epigraphically puts it, they 'all fall down'.
And other attempts to locate Avalokitesvara epigraphically in the earliest period have been recently shown to be problematic.
2; 2002: 345) and Late Bronze Age (Pintore 1978) foreign policy, are as yet unattested epigraphically in the late Early Dynastic period, the Indus-related archaeological evidence from Pu-abum's tomb may reflect the same sort of marriage alliance, albeit with Meluhha, at a much earlier date.
For the canals, attested epigraphically in the plural for the Claudian period, the authors propose a northern (relief) canal and the Fossa Traiana.
749, 816, and 956, where the figure of Samas is epigraphically labeled.
41: "It is certainly distinct epigraphically from the other lameds in this bowl.