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a quotation at the beginning of some piece of writing

an engraved inscription

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Even these few examples suggest that Indie dharma literature (especially the code of Manu and the maxims of Kamandaki), along with Indie epigraphical practice, were appealed to in Java (1) to provide institutional patterns and conceptual architecture for formal law, and (2) to validate local Javanese standards of justice as law in the Indie sense of dharma.
Historical Scholarship in the Late Renaissance, where he asserts that Morales' work can be seen as "marking something of a transition in the use of epigraphical evidence: as well as citing many inscriptions," and making "some theoretical reflections on their use, indicating both that inscriptions could be forged, and that they were not simply texts" (2005: 124).
It turns to evidence not only from the literary record, but epigraphical sources and votive deposits.
Kanaklatha Mukund has cited many epigraphical evidences from thirteenth century to property owned, sold, and bought by the teveratiyal, which indicate that they had property independent of the temple; so much was that even their rights were not questioned.
Strauss begins with the abduction of Helen and ends with the Trojan horse and the sack of Troy, retelling the story by following Homer's narrative while footnoting parallels from contemporary archaeological, graphic, and epigraphical material to support the stories of the Iliad and Odyssey.
The epigraphical research was published in Benefactor: Epigraphical Study of a Graeco-Roman and New Testament Semantic Field (St.
Overall one misses a sense of the limits of the evidence of this corpus for social or religious history, especially in light of the rich archaeological, epigraphical, and hagiographical data emerging from recent work on Gaza (see now Brouria Bitton-Ashkelony and Aryeh Kofsky, ed.
To follow Gerald Gahima's epigraphical suggestion, we should "use another word" to describe our responses to them.
A comparison with relevant epigraphical material proves that he does not invent quite unrealistic names even among the significant ones (which are not, anyway, deeply symbolic), whereas the realistic names are decidedly common.
Testa also offers a theoretical paradigm to classify film adaptations between homological, epigraphical, coextensive, mediated and hypertextual recreations so that the volume has breadth and relevance outside of Italian studies.
1994, << Group Initiation and Exorcistic Dance in the Xinghua Region >>, dans Epigraphical Materials on the History of Religion in Fujian.
When I last visited the Epigraphical Museum in Athens, I found it developed into a handsome showplace.
Thus, the artistic and epigraphical components of the coins minted in Jerusalem under Hasmonean auspices reveal a fascinating symbiosis of Jewish and Hellenistic elements, reflecting the desire of the Hasmoneans to straddle both worlds and integrate them.
It can be related in particular to the antiquarian and epigraphical research of Cyriacus of Ancona.
The main deficiency consists in a rather desultory use of epigraphical material, which appears to be referred to only as supporting evidence: this might be rectified in a subsequent edition, for the work as we have it, however indispensable, is of course only a beginning.