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a quotation at the beginning of some piece of writing

an engraved inscription

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Even these few examples suggest that Indie dharma literature (especially the code of Manu and the maxims of Kamandaki), along with Indie epigraphical practice, were appealed to in Java (1) to provide institutional patterns and conceptual architecture for formal law, and (2) to validate local Javanese standards of justice as law in the Indie sense of dharma.
As luck would have it, epigraphical testimony to the federal cult has survived in abundance with the names of over forty high priests preserved in inscriptions (23).
Why, for example, in the annotations to "Waar Tebes in die stil woestyn" did the editors not take the opportunity to record that 'Tebes' and 'Mara' mentioned in the poem appearing in the Boerevrou on 25 March, 1919, as a columnstopper to his article about his epigraphical researches in London and Cairo into deciphering hieroglyphics, undoubtedly does not refer to some koppie on the Springbok Flats and a railway siding in the Zoutspanberg, as Rousseau was wont to claim?
Then, while Saller and Shaw gave the tally for extended or multiple family households as only 5% in epigraphical evidence from the Roman West, Huebner gives the proportion as 13% for Graeco-Roman Egypt.
The sonnet is not anonymous; indeed, its entire raison d'etre is to portray Oronte, an emphatic response to Foucault's epigraphical question regarding authorship, "Qu'importe qui parle?
I would like to take the opportunity to announce that the Center for Epigraphical and Palaeographical Studies of the State University of Ohio, directed by the illustrious Frank T.
Inscribed Athenian laws and decrees 352/1-322/1 BC; epigraphical essays.
That the term [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] can be connected to Restituta is demonstrated by other epigraphical evidence that attests to women who hold this same title alongside their described roles and associations.
To answer such questions, this prodigiously researched and wide-ranging study focuses not so much on the Bible as on the epigraphical data.
Presenting another paper on 'Bisokotuwa: An Epigraphical Literary and Etymological Survey' Chandana Jayawardana said the ancient irrigation system prevailed in Sri Lanka has been subjected to many scholarly studies, covering both its economical and technical aspects.
The Soteria at Delphi: Aetolian propaganda in the epigraphical record.
The female of the steles could be labelled a Lady of Death - indeed a Lady of Victory who is referred to in a wide range of texts, from Sanskrit epics to epigraphical royal eulogies in Tamil.
Other early philosophers, notably the advocate of humanism and ethical relativism Protagoras, bump up against ordinary Athenians for whom we have scraps of epigraphical evidence, such as a man named Simon, who was perhaps the proprietor of a cobbler shop Socrates frequented.
Though inscriptions and structural remains form the Major Sources for the study of the same, since the present Study is based on the Epigraphical Data alone, structural details are not touched.
Some writers today call the women deacons of the early church "deaconesses," even where ancient literary or epigraphical (tombstone) references specifically call them "deacons.