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a quotation at the beginning of some piece of writing

an engraved inscription

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An alternative title I toyed with was Futurist antiquarianism, since so much of Libya's present epigraphic stock was unearthed during the three decades of Fascist Italian rule.
The epigraphic and archaeological documents, above all from southern and western Arabia, reflect a great state civilisation whose long and splendid course fades at the eve of Islam.
Even though archaeological data is privileged, art historical and epigraphic evidence are called upon frequently to date particular contexts.
Using epigraphic and literary sources, Liu uncovers a great deal of prosopographical information on specific guilds and their members.
Peter Scherrer supplies much new detail on an Ephesian temenos, interpreted by Keil as a sanctuary of the Egyptian gods on the basis of epigraphic evidence (which, however, features on spolia), water works and subterranean corridors.
In four chapters O'Kane dutifully charts the epigraphic history of the New Persian language in the medieval and early modern periods by collecting inscriptions on objects and buildings from Anatolia to Central and South Asia.
Synthesizing archaeological, ethnohistoric, ethnographic, iconographic, and epigraphic evidence, Joyce (anthropology, U.
AD 650-670; the third phase consists of Umayyad Imperial Image coins depicting a Byzantine emperor, but now with meaningful administrative legends either in Greek or in Arabic; and the fourth comprises coins with the Standing Figure/Caliph used until the introduction of epigraphic coin types by Abd al-Malik in the year 77 AH/AD 696.
At Copan, excellent archaeological, sculptural and epigraphic sources allow for re-interpretations of the Acropolis otoots; Structures 11, 22 and 18 seem to have been divine dwellings, inhabited either by gods or the ruler in the guise of a god.
Meloy's analysis is based on a great variety of sources: Egyptian and Syrian historians for the Mamluk side and Meccan historians for the local side, chancery works (which provide a one-sided view of the relationships, given that they were all written by Egyptian authors), and numismatic and epigraphic evidence (inscriptions containing edicts, decrees, etc.
of London, UK) collectively demonstrate the inseparability of cultural history and political history when studying ancient Greece by combining study of literary and epigraphic evidence.
Once a set of inscriptions are viewed as narrative programmes (and their original positions reconstructed), the second part of the contextual approach involves the epigraphic context including recurrent patterns and glyphic reading orders, augmented with reference to the structure of spoken Zapotec.
The project of collecting all of the surviving epigraphic remains found within the non-contiguous territories of modern Pondicherry and Karaikal was begun decades ago by S.
The team who carried out fieldwork for the Saqqaraz Epigraphic Survey in 1979 report that the tomb was never finished, only rooms two, three, and seven being decorated.
Ashmore, Dr ARDREN introduces 10 thematic essays and case studies of archaeological, epigraphic and art historical evidence for women's work and symbolic roles in the prehispanic period (with one paper venturing into the Colonial period too).