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the study of ancient inscriptions

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Priests "disappeared," in Coe's words, because epigraphers learned to read the Maya script and discovered that the figures on Classic era stelae and temple tablets had names, the names of kings, queens, warriors, elite nobility, even scribes.
But each year the school had a visiting professor, and in 1954 he was one of the greatest epigraphers of the century, Benjamin Meritt, the leader of a troika of scholars who had just finished one of this century's landmarks of American classical scholarship, a new publication of the Athenian Tribute Lists.
The second book, "The Misspelling Epigrapher," contains two groups of impressive free-verse lyrics: "Grancassa End Exit" and "Epigraphs," mostly longish pieces in the former and brief epigrammatic ones in the latter.
Reproductions of Breasted's drawings and sketches reveal the precision that made him a talented epigrapher, and collation sheets from Chicago House's expeditions in Luxor demonstrate his team's evolving epigraphic methods.
Coe is a prominent and exceptional Maya archaeologist and epigrapher who has published extensively on sites in the Olmec and Maya regions as well as on advances in the decipherment of Maya hieroglyphs.
These people may not have known the meaning of the monuments, as some of the stelae were found upside down," epigrapher Octavio Esparza Olguin from the National Autonomous University of Mexico, (http://news.
Aldana's article centers, for the most part, on the work of Floyd Lounsbury, an American linguist, anthropologist, and Mayanist scholar and epigrapher who examined the problem of the GMT constant by focusing on the data in the Dresden Codex Venus Table, a combination calendar and almanac that charts specific dates related to the movements of Venus.
President Dorman is an international leader in the study of the ancient near east, and in particular the field of Egyptology, in which he is a noted historiographer, epigrapher and philologist.
By further rejecting the possibility that some inscriptions were based on syllabic glyphs, the discovery of Russian epigrapher Yuri Knorosov, whom he seemed to disdain as a godless Communist, Thompson made a mistake that kept him an "illiterate" Mayanist all his life.
As a collector, epigrapher, archaeologist, traveller and builder, however, he has left a legacy with which there is no arguing.
Renewed future efforts at contextual analysis of the angelic figure may accordingly yield important insights into the working of Cyriacus of Ancona's mind when he was given the rare opportunity to put into practice his professed goal of "reviving things long dead and forgotten" not only as an epigrapher but also as the author of an allegorical invenzione intended to take visual form.
The archaeological findings of Sharer and company, as well as recent glyph decipherments, indicate Classic Copan was a full-fledged political state "from the founder on up," contends epigrapher and art historian Linda Schele of the University of Texas in Austin.
Huang Binhong's "Memory of Travel to the Yellow Mountain" in running scripts, created for the renowned epigrapher Rong Geng (1894-1983), was shown at the Exhibition of Huang Binhong's Works launched jointly by the Hong Kong Arts Centre and the Fine Arts Dept.
Former priest turned epigrapher Andre Lemaire examined the box in the home of a private antiquities collector, and announced his findings to the world through Biblical Archaeology Review in the fall of 2002.