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Synonyms for epigrammatic

precisely meaningful and tersely cogent

Synonyms for epigrammatic

terse and witty and like a maxim

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Consider Bertina's penchant for the epigrammatic in this passage, where he explains his family's belief that Clemence's mother was a prostitute: "Whores were easily made in those days, in those parts of the world [French colonial islands], when one was looking to get off" Bertina sums up the family's conjectures about his grandfather's daughter's legitimacy in a similar vein, warning, "One more often masturbates intellectually than sexually.
Discussion encompasses the role of sleeplessness in Flavian literature; Valerius Flaccus' Argonautica; Statius' epic poems, the Thebaid and Achilleid; Silius Italicus' Punica; and Martial's epigrammatic poetry.
Poincare's prose, while elegant, resembled to a degree Nietzsche's epigrammatic writing.
This reviewer wonders if the near rhyme on the last stresses of the first and third lines--"fallen" and "calls us"--does not give an epigrammatic completeness to the passage; but Shippey's stress is appropriate to his focus.
We learn that: "The effect of his epigrammatic lecture was somewhat marred by the Philistine demonstration of some of the well-Known 'docK boys', who promenaded the rear of the hall displaying gigantic sunflowers, tiger lilies, and SUCHLIKE, somewhat to that aesthetic gentleman's discomfiture.
An occasional epigrammatic gem is hidden in the text, such as the one on page 164: "There is much of enduring value in Aristotle's Politics; there are many values that have endured in Brunei politics.
There is another moment when Welles has found a way of making Conrad sound epigrammatic rather than atmospheric.
Equally brooding, each brief, epigrammatic text declares its author's truth concerning the thinning of existence or our impaired knowledge of it: a universal proposition that the photograph can only particularize.
Lush female harmonies still carry refrains and colour his monochrome tones, but they float on the organic pulse of a live band, that plays with gentle restraint, and weaves flowing violin, trumpet and harmonica melodies in among the glistening pearls of Cohen's epigrammatic phrases," writes Neil McCormick of The Telegraph (UK).
With this epigrammatic preamble I have now the pleasure to tell in brief what has happened to me regarding how I was arrested, who did it and why it was done to me arbitrarily with a motive of humiliation and criminal-like mistreatment in Juba.
He may be the most impressively epigrammatic and quotable poet of his age, a talent that reveals his often subtly scouting humor, and yet among his peers I suspect he is the least quoted, the least public, the least known of all on the Wurlitzer (do they still exist?
She considers a number of Magdalene epigrams dating from 1625-1651, and relates the aesthetic distillation of her imagery in these epigrammatic treatments to the contemporaneous proliferation of Magdalene images in print versions of Continental paintings.
A millennium ago, society valued other aptitudes, such as sculpting bronze in Chola India, equine archery on the Mongolian steppes, or reciting epigrammatic verse in Arabia.
Verse 28 brings poetic closure by the epigrammatic assertion that true wisdom is to be gained "by taking one's place within an ancient plan" (p.
In particular, the high degree of polished punctuation and epigrammatic style we see in 'Emma' and 'Persuasion' is simply not there," Sutherland said.