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an inferior imitator of some distinguished writer or artist of musician

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However, what Sebeok said of the works of "Morris, Hjelmslev, Barthes, and their numerous epigones on the holistic force of semiotics" can also be said of Saussure's own remarks on semiology: they "hardly exceed programmatic pronouncements.
FDR grasped more firmly than his epigone, Bill Clinton, who is ever ready to flaunt himself before the American public, the Machiavellian lesson that to wield great personal power in a democracy means to conceal the scope and nature of that power.
The poem presents itself as a correspondence between a naive and romanticizing epigone and a mentor with the linguistic and philosophical tics of a Blanchot or Levinas, instructing the younger voice on the complexities of obsession, desire, devotion, and recognition.
His epigone Hadrianus Junius adopted it (using adage 3520) in his Nomenclator (1567), a polyglot vocabulary which was widely used in the Low Countries.
I was a mere epigone in the attempt to recover Biblical themes and salvage Biblical faith.
I though he meant the return of King Moshoeshoe II from exile in London (where in Index on Censorship he argued tactfully against the military rulers who ousted him, styling himself as a "people's democrat"); he now was back to depose his own epigone, the remorseful young Letsie III.
in a ledger of double entry transfers of knowledge from the carnal to the ever expanding database that, in direct succession from Samuel Richardson to his less-talented postmodern epigone John Irving, has rendered "real life" accessible through an essentially Garped economy of means.
Nostalgia for an unknown past as well as curiosity about realms beyond our own are part of this, and the sense of the artist as both epigone and cosmic fantasist drifts through Nummer zeven: The clouds are more beautiful from above, 2006, which features van der Werve musing in his apartment's classically Dutch interior--all timeworn wood and checker board floor--before walking in a picture-perfect lowlands landscape, toting a homemade rocket whose nose cone contains a silvery chunk of meteorite.
Yet Petrarch loses none of his prominence, or the contest between Cicero and Augustine for his soul any of its drama; it is just that he represents an impasse in the history of humanism from which his epigone Coluccio Salutati did not entirely escape (chap.
Those critics - no doubt influenced by the chosiste title - who saw in Things the work of an epigone of Robbe-Grillet, or who heard only the echoes of literal literature in A Man Asleep, were perhaps missing the point.
For West, their arrogant, indiscriminate trampling of an audience appeared destructive rather than constructive: "One could either simply watch, or become an epigone of the artists, let them spray blood or shit all over you.
Then, pregnant with possibility, they whet the appetite for what might have been, inspiring more than one epigone to complete what Mozart left unfinished.
Thus, the Straussian epigone Francis Fukuyama celebrates the current American moment even more tastelessly than Hegel praised the Prussian monarchy, circa 1819, as the final form of the World Spirit.
In a laudatory memoir, an epigone reports that he is "suspicious of conspicuous intelligence," as well he might be.
One may thereby involve oneself in "honoring" an outre past by becoming a "clever" epigone.