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a flap of cartilage that covers the windpipe while swallowing

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What percentage of subjects who aspirated had an abnormal epiglottic movement pattern?
At the point where the circumferential line is advanced to the proximal port of the ILMA, the distal tip of the ETT will be in contact with the epiglottic elevator bar (which covers the distal port of the ILMA).
67) Aspiration of material from the mixed oropharyngeal flora may be due to a diminished cough or epiglottic reflex seen during alcoholic withdrawal seizures or a decrease in level of consciousness associated with heavy drinking.
Part 3 ("Physiology") concerns the principal phenomena involved in the generation of vocal sound; topics covered are the adduction of the arytenoids, tension of the vocal ligaments, progressive posterior occlusion of the glottis, chest register, falsetto register, increase and decrease in volume, the vibrating surface of the cord, movement of the vestibule of the glottis, the s uperior thyroarytenoid ligaments, the ventricles of Morgagni, and epiglottic action.
2) In the present case, epiglottic involvement necessitated initial subtotal resection to minimize the risk of subsequent aspiration while the airway was stabilized, followed by definitive laser excision.
Moulded 'fins' within the bowl of the sLMA are designed to protect the airway from epiglottic obstruction, serving a similar function as the aperture bars of the LMA-Classic[TM].
A portable lateral radiograph of the neck showed diffuse soft tissue cervical and epiglottic swelling with a classic "thumb sign.
However, there are case reports of epiglottic trauma with the use of this technique (16).
O'Grady said: "It says a lot about the horse that he was fired and hobdayed before he ever won a point-to-point, and at the end of the 2001/02 season he underwent further surgery to relieve epiglottic entrapment.
Asymptomatic epiglottic cysts as cause of upper airway obstruction during anaesthesia.
A statement on the Godolphin website read: "Silent Honor was today ruled out of the 1,000 Guineas at Newmarket due to an epiglottic entrapment.
Two of these mechanisms are epiglottic collapse secondary to the posterior displacement of the tongue and floppiness of the epiglottic structure.
In addition, the laryngeal mask airway design of the CTrach[TM] is susceptible to epiglottic downfolding and obstruction by the arytenoids (13).
In our review of the medical literature, we found a number of case reports with unusual presentations of BAs, including retropharyngeal abscesses, (2,3) pharyngoceles, (4) duplicate ossicles, (5) intrathryoidal lesions, (6-8) an epiglottic cyst, (9) and 2 cases of pharyngeal branchial cysts involving the tonsil.
Unlike the LMA Classic, there are no epiglottic bars on the AMBU[R]LMA (Figure 2).