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located or operating beneath the earth's surface

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laxiflora that is characterized by epigeal and phanerocotylar seedlings with foliaceous assimilating cotyledons and leaves spirally arranged.
The purpose of this study was to know and characterize the composition, diversity, abundance and seasonality of the epigeal spiders of a semi-rural area of Bahia Blanca, in the temperate region of Argentina, using the data obtained from a cadaveric decomposition and succession study, which contributed to the analysis of the coleoptero-fauna of forensic interest of the area.
In the case of epigeal germination, the cotyledons and seed coat are pushed out of the soil during germination, such that further colonization by soil microorganisms is prevented (Nelson, 2004).
Sampling epigeal arthropods: an evaluation of fenced pitfall taps usin mark-release-recapture and comparisons to unfenced pitfall traps in arable crops.
vasicine and vasicinone in several botanicals such as Xylopia aethiopica, Peganum harmala epigeal parts, Areca catchu nuts and Gloriosa superba roots as abortifacient bioactive agents and/or their role in the contraction and relaxation of uterine muscles (9-12).
Side-effects of botanicals, insect growth regulators and entomopathengic fungi on epigeal non-target arthropods in locust control, pp.
05 for all ten-days period for epigeal and epiphytic samples), we restricted further analyses to biomass only.
Thus these contradictions about the biogeographical identity of NPA-PV are a consequence of a fragmentary knowledge about its epigeal arthropods fauna.
In epigeal emergence, the hypocotyl, the portion of the embryonic plant between the radicle and the cotyledons, lengthens and carries the cotyledons above the soil surface.
O tipo de germinacao destas sementes, epigeal, requer a realizacao de movimento rotatorio por parte dos cotiledones dentro do solo, pois e possivel que existam