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Synonyms for hypogeous

located or operating beneath the earth's surface

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This study aimed to determine the number of epigeal nests and assess the soil turning capacity of termites in cultivated pasture environments and in a native vegetation area.
Mass-length relationships of epigeal arthropod predators in arable land (Araneae, Chilopoda, Coleoptera).
Fruit loculicidal to septicidal capsules, berries, drupes (with 1 or several pits), or occasionally dry and indehiscent; seeds small, testa usually single layered, with cells isodiametric to strongly elongated, sometimes winged or tailed, sometimes mucilaginous on wetting; embryo fusiform or spatulate, white or less commonly green, with 2 cotyledons, to extremely reduced and undifferentiated; endosperm cellular, well developed, with haustoria at both ends; germination epigeal.
Effects of broad-spectrum insecticides on epigeal arthropod biodiversity in Pacific Northwest apple orchards.
We found that most species are epigeal foragers (except for G.
The wind-dispersed relatives of nut genera have smaller seeds and usually exhibit epigeal germination (i.
Influence of habitat and microhabitat on epigeal spider (Araneae) assemblages in four stand types.
Insecticide resistance in epigeal insect pests of turfgrass: southern chinch bug resistance to organophosphates in Florida, pp.