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the region lying on or over the stomach (just below the sternum)

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Severe pain induced a constrained body position, and a 20-cm resistance zone could be found on palpation of the central epigastrium.
After approval from hospital ethical committee, patients between 20 to 70 years of age, presenting in the emergency department and outpatient department with GI)symptoms of pain epigastrium, nausea and vomiting and Serum Amylase level of more than 200 IU/L (Twice of normal value of 100 IU/L), thus meeting admission criteria of AP were admitted in hospital.
Gastric insufflation in the groups C and UC was assessed by auscultation of the epigastrium, which was performed by a blinded observer.
Ultrasound revealed a large solid-cystic mass with internal septations from the epigastrium extending to the pelvis.
Noah told SANA's correspondent that the patient was complaining from abdominal pains accompanied by recurring constipation and increase in the size of the abdomen, and the symptoms developed into acute pain and recurring vomiting, and an ultrasound revealed a large lump filling the abdominal cavity from the pelvis to the epigastrium.
He had a raised jugular venous pressure, a soft first heart sound and a 4/6 pansystolic murmur, typically loudest over the epigastrium and accentuated by manoeuvres that increase venous return.
On abdominal examination, a lump was palpable, starting from epigastrium to just above the umbilicus and extending into the left hypochondrium and left lumbar region.
Further going into details for precautions, Faisal said that patients of APD (stomach ulcer) should avoid spices and fried meat; otherwise, they can get pain epigastrium.
There was a firm nodular abdominal mass measuring 52 cm from the pubic symphysis to the epigastrium.
TABLE Rome III criteria for the diagnosis of functional gallbladder disorder (2) Episodes of pain in the right upper quadrant or epigastrium and all of the following: * Gallbladder is present * Normal liver enzymes, conjugated bilirubin, amylase, and lipase * Pain lasts >30 minutes * Recurrent episodes occur at different intervals (not daily) * Pain builds up to a steady level * Pain is severe enough to interrupt the patient's current activities or lead to a visit to a clinician/ emergency room * Pain is not relieved by bowel movements, postural change, or antacids * Other structural diseases that may explain the symptoms have been excluded
She originally presented with a 2-week history of progressive abdominal pain, which initially began in the epigastrium and subsequently localized to the patient's left upper quadrant.
Auscultation of lungs showed a reduction in respiratory sounds in right side as well as tenderness in epigastrium and right upper quadrant (RUQ) in examination of abdomen.
In morning after induction of general anaesthesia a multiorifice nasogastric tube (16F) was pas- sed in stomach and verified by auscultation over epigastrium with 10ml air.
We have been advised to inhale into our toes, pelvis, lower abdomen, solar plexus, lower back, back ribs, epigastrium, stomach, chest, and of course, the bottom of our lungs.
These findings may be localized to the epigastrium or they may be diffusely present throughout abdomen.