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Synonyms for epidural

regional anesthesia resulting from injection of an anesthetic into the epidural space of the spinal cord

on or outside the dura mater


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He said: "People have not been warned that it's not licensed for epidurals.
Medics administered an epidural anaesthetic but failed to monitor him properly and his blood pressure fell dangerously low resulting in a lack of blood to his spinal cord - leading to the paralysis from his waist down.
As an alternative to steroid epidurals, the Regenexx PL-Disc procedure begins when the doctor takes a blood sample to isolate blood platelets.
2) Multiple pain relief treatment options are available, such as oral analgesics, intravenous opioids, patient-controlled opioid analgesia, interpleural blocks, intercostal blocks, paravertebral blocks, and epidural analgesia.
The epidural book; a woman's guide to anesthesia for childbirth.
According to ABC News, the Victoria's Secret model noticed in the videos that babies born to mothers who did not have epidurals "come out and go straight for the mother's breast.
As mentioned, we have cited a relevant study which is the first to attempt to evaluate efficacy of bilateral subcostal transversus abdominis plane (TAP) catheter analgesia compared to epidural analgesia in upper abdominal surgery.
Then, epidural, nerve block and facet injections will each be examined separately, with a particular focus on outlining the differences between lumbar and cervical therapy.
Practitioners in critical care units routinely care for postoperative patients receiving continuous epidural infusions for pain management.
Epidurals were created to remove the pain of childbirth.
Women who had epidurals were found to be around 40% more likely to need an instrumental delivery, such as using forceps or suction cups, than other women.
Laboring mothers who have an epidural increase the chances by fourfold that their baby will be born in an occiput posterior (OP) position.
Today, inductions, c-sections, and epidurals are done so frequently that practitioners have become quite skillful in their management and have significantly reduced the risks associated with these procedures.
Epidurals are used to numb the nerves from the womb by injecting a local anaesthetic near the base of the spine.
EPIDURALS BACKED UP: Epidurals, used for pain relief during labor, don't seem to cause the back problems later on that many women fear.