epidural injection

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injection of an anesthetic substance into the epidural space of the spinal cord in order to produce epidural anesthesia

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We plan to initially target the $200 million-plus annual market for epidural injections that are administered to women during childbirth procedures in the U.
DepoDur(TM) is supplied in a 2 ml vial containing a 10 mg/ml suspension in sterile saline and is administered as a single dose epidural injection at the lumbar level prior to surgery (or after clamping of the umbilical cord during caesarean section).
Boada et al (6) reported a case similar to ours, in which severe hypotension occurred after epidural injection of 0.
Half of the patients in the trial received epidural injections of anesthetic with corticosteroid, the other half received injections without corticosteroid.
A temperature probe was positioned on the skin of the thigh and skin temperature registered before epidural anaesthesia, every 10 minutes for the first hour after the epidural injection and every hour for the following four hours.
Since October 1995 Mr Ash, who lives at Ystrad Mynach near Caerphilly, has been attending the Pain Clinic in Cardiff, where about every six months he has been getting a pain-killing epidural injection.
Unlike an epidural injection, which inserts a large needle into the middle of the spine and injects large quantities of steroid into the outermost layer surrounding the spinal cord, one of Dr.
In `03, he did not need surgery, but rather an epidural injection of anti-inflammatory medication.
In clinical practice, we and others (13-14) have observed that most patients indicate (on the first injection only) a sensation of 'cold' creeping along the back, near the epidural injection site, concurrent with the injection of local anaesthetic solution through the epidural catheter.
Angels third baseman Dallas McPherson is expected to miss the start of the season after receiving an epidural injection Wednesday to treat a protruding disc in his lower back.
Hoult had a successful epidural injection two weeks ago and has returned to training.
He was told he would be given a powerful epidural injection in his spine.
Expectant mothers who have been given an epidural injection and rendered immobile are a particular risk group, as are younger people with mobility issues due to illness.
All of our patients are those giving insufficient response to conservative treatment, the same method was applied to all patients by the same doctor and the success rate of 62% is the one obtained following the one epidural injection (Figure 1a,b,c,d,e).