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Epididymis is a very specialized organ divided in 4 major regions (initial segment, caput, corpus and cauda) and 5 different cells types (principal, clear, halo, basal and apical cells) (Cornwall, 2009).
The condition may result from sexually transmitted infections or occur when bacteria from a urinary tract infection or prostatitis (prostate infection) migrate to the epididymis.
After verification of the diagnosis of the cases by examining the hematoxylin-eosin stained sections with a light microscope, hilar tissue, tunica vaginalis, lymphovascular tissues, rete testis, and epididymis were reexamined for the invasions.
Conclusion: Human epididymis 4 is a better diagnostic tool than CA 125 in benign-malignant discrimination of adnexal masses.
7 Casillas11 in 1973 demonstrated the accumulation of L-carnitine by spermatozoa during its passage through epididymis in mammals and it was found to have strict correlation with the development of fertilising capacity.
1) Epididymal cysts represents cystic degeneration of the epididymis and are filled with crystal clear fluid.
Testes and epididymis were collected from six healthy adult Texel sheep (lACUC#14-022) with an average body weight of 44.
Fluoride treatment leads to oxidative stress as indicated by an increased level of conjugated dienes in the testis, epididymis, and epididymal sperm with respect to control.
Contract awarded for with color doppler ultrasonography fixed or portable testis and epididymis bilateral (scrotal) -3- quantity code 242430
18 Seminiferous tubules open from the mediastinum into the rete testis and drain into the epididymis.
The epididymis is an important source for the antioxidant content in the seminal plasma, protecting sperm cell from oxidative damage during storage [18].