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Epidermal cyst of the breast mimicking malignancy: clinical, radiological, and histological correlation.
Verrucous cysts were originally described in 1991 by Meyer et al (1) as epidermal cysts with morphologic findings consistent with human papillomavirus (HPV) infection in the squamous lining.
Differential diagnoses include epidermal cysts, lipomas, esteatocystomas, dermoid cysts, pilonidal cysts, tyson glands cysts and urethral diverticuluns.
Although secondary calcification of epidermal cysts, dystrophic calcification of the dartos muscle and calcification of eccrine cysts seem to be considered as the causes of scrotal calcinosis, it is still assesed as an idiopatic disorder.
This autosomal dominant condition, associated with multiple large epidermal cysts, is commonly seen in patients with intestinal polyposis.