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any of the cells making up the epidermis

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Cooperi alba was remarkable due to its high epidermal cell area and epidermal thickness, collected both from polluted as well as non-polluted site (Fig.
Hypostomatic leaves, paracytic stomata, straight-walled epidermal cells, dorsiventral mesophyll and the collateral vascular system are usual characters of Rubiaceae family (Solereder, 1908; Metcalfe & Chalk, 1950).
Results showed that PZ recovered proliferative potential of epidermal cells by affecting basement membrane which constitute niche of epidermal basal cells.
Increased purine metabolism occurs in psoriasis because of increased epidermal cell turnover.
Reed and Leone [1] postulated that the lesions arise in a clone of epidermal cells which can be seen as vacuolated cells underlying the cornoid lamella.
For this purpose dermatotselyullyarnoy cytopathic effect was investigated sera from rabbit immunoglobulins isolated therefrom in cell cultures of epidermal cells (cultured multilayered epidermis cow) in different dilutions (1:10 to 1:640).
Similar findings were reported earlier in which single topical application of all-trans retinoic acid for 4 days stimulated keratinocyte proliferation increasing the number of epidermal cell layers and increasing epidermal thickness.
The present studies on the plants growing in loco area indicate that auto exhaust pollution brought appreciable changes in the number of epidermal cells and stomata per unit area.
In the latter, stomata in abaxial epidermis were shorter in autumn than in spring samples, and epidermal cell number was greater in autumn than in spring in both epidermis (Table 1).
At the 32-cell stage, some of the animal blastomeres differentiate into the anterior neural cells, while others have an epidermal cell fate.
This layer was adjacent to the wall of the penetration peg, which emerges through the pore and penetrates directly through the cuticle into the epidermal cell wall.
mosseae reach the root surface due to the signaling process and it adhered strongly to the outer epidermal cell walls resulting in penetration of the root cells (Fig.
Epidermal cell walls are thickened in the inner periclinal and anticlinal walls, as seen in the cross-sections of S.
Turksen (Sprott Center for Stem Cell Research, Ottawa Hospital Research Institute, Canada) presents the second edition of work describing methods and protocols for investigating and manipulating both epidermal cell precursors and mature epidermal cells, adding a number of new protocols not found in the first edition.
Number of stomata and epidermal cell were counted per square millimeter area and the stomatal frequency and stomatal index were calculated by using the following formulae.