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Among the confirmed cases to date, at least 36 people have been linked epidemiologically to spending all or parts of those same days at the Anaheim resort, records show.
The preventive effects of T, good for health and longevity, first noted experimentally, were also proven epidemiologically in humans.
To answer the two questions noted above, I would say that suicide in China, as it was described epidemiologically from the 1990s into the 21st century, was very different from suicide as described epidemiologically in other countries.
The Geneva-based UN agency meanwhile said that only the two most recently confirmed cases in Saudi Arabia were so far seen as epidemiologically linked, since they were both from the "same family, living in the same household.
The researchers obtained four different human isolates of Salmonella, epidemiologically linked to consumption of tomatoes, from the U.
Previous studies had shown that oropharyngeal cancers can be divided into two biologically and epidemiologically separate diseases with distinct causes: HPV-negative cancers, which are associated with tobacco and alcohol use, and HPV-positive cancers, which are linked to certain types of HPV, a sexually transmitted virus.
Subjects with pulmonary emphysema are epidemiologically susceptible to PM (Dockery et al.
In this way, it was possible to narrow down epidemiologically the cause of
We know it epidemiologically also that gutkha induces a very high risk of still birth when used by pregnant women," pointed out Dr Prakash C.
Epidemiologically, aging, parity, obesity, cigarette smoking, chronic lung disease, congenital defects, white ancestry, and prior hysterectomy or prolapse surgery have been identified as risk factors associated with pelvic organ prolapse.
Epidemiologically proved that different immunological and autoimmune diseases occur more seldom in the countries of the third world.
For many phytochemicals, consumption is epidemiologically linked to lower risk of cardiovascular and degenerative diseases.
The cases are not linked epidemiologically, the organisation added.
Strategies that anticipate only type 1 epidemics, severe disease affecting many people, carry the risk of doing more harm than they prevent when epidemiologically limited or clinically mild epidemics or pandemics occur, he concludes.
The two patients were not linked epidemiologically.
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