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of or relating to epidemiology

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Significant progress is being made in developing and using molecular epidemiological techniques for looking at the global spread of the mycobacterium and also local strain diversity for M.
John Higginson and George Oettle devised large-scale cancer epidemiological techniques, hailed and adopted by the World Health Organization.
A concise description of the epidemiological techniques used to detect an epidemic was presented.
Kremer applies epidemiological techniques to the study of unions, His model implies that: industries with high turnover of firms will have low unionization rates; democratic unions that maximize the welfare of current members will be displaced in evolutionary competition by less democratic unions with more moderate wage demands; this tendency toward moderation will be weaker in European countries where multiple unions compete for the same workers within firms; unionization levels will be subject to rapid spurts followed by gradual declines; and there may be one equilibrium with high unionization and long-lived firms and another with low unionization and short-lived firms.
Epidemiological techniques have indicated that the non-pasteurized orange juice was the likely source of 14 illnesses in Washington State and four illnesses in Oregon.
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