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of or relating to epidemiology

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These difficulties are best overcome before epidemiological activities are initiated.
Moreover, epidemiological patterns derived from death documents, discussed in Part Three, were far from identical.
Epidemiological evidence has confirmed that diets rich in fruits and vegetables are associated with reduced frequency and severity of several health problems.
Epidemiological studies published in 2000 first indicated that the drugs might lower a person's lifetime risk of developing the disease by as much as 70 percent.
Nor have there been any meaningful epidemiological studies on the effects of eating organic food.
Beyond that, however, one need only to step back and recognize a basic concept of epidemiological science called "the weight of evidence.
It is the largest epidemiological study of formaldehyde's health effects completed to date, involving more than 600,000-person years of follow-up.
We hear more tales of struggles between activists and industry than explanations of epidemiological research.
The Population Health Value Model (PHVM) developed by the authors is based on epidemiological and clinical health management principles.
Some Member States reject any thought of parallel funding, particularly the likes of France and Denmark, which already have or are busy preparing national epidemiological systems based on a testing programmes.
Epidemiological studies make observations about data on large groups of people in order to find possible associations between factors.
If expert evidence without adequate epidemiological support is admitted, resulting unfair liability might drive needed products from the market
For example, they said, epidemiological studies indicate that to cut the risk of colon cancer in half, a person needs to eat about 2 pounds of broccoli and similar vegetables a week, a goal that few Americans meet.
The research cathedral rests squarely on twin towers: toxicology tests and epidemiological studies.
Data of an epidemiological nature showing the apparent spread of AIDS among condom users should be considered with this in mind.
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