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of or relating to epidemiology

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Epidemiologic and clinical characteristics of Bartonella quintana and Bartonella henselae endocarditis: a study of 48 patients.
In this review I focus on published evidence from both experimental and epidemiologic studies of a possible role of early life environmental risk factors for PD.
A provincial epidemiologic team also determined that a dog belonging to a previous owner of the property died of blastomycosis [approximately equal to] 2 years earlier.
Epidemiologic literature, not case studies or experimental animal research, was searched for relevance to an association between neurodegenerative diseases and environmental agents.
CDC has also provided a number of experts to the staff of WHO over the years, including the assignment of a member of CDC's International Health Program Office to WHO's new program of intensified action in strengthening epidemiologic capacity.
We describe the diagnostic performance of this suspected case definition by using epidemiologic surveillance and diagnostic test data for Guinea.
This text explains the use of statistical methods in epidemiologic research.
The incorporation of epidemiologic evidence into risk assessments is an important part of understanding and characterizing risks from environmental and occupational exposures.
Washington, October 24 ( ANI ): A review paper by two scientists at the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism in the USA has described the epidemiologic and basic scientific evidence linking alcohol consumption to the risk of breast cancer.
The utility of proximity-based herbicide exposure assessment in epidemiologic studies of Vietnam veterans.
The CIS countries will hold a political dialogue concerning public health reforms and role of sanitary and epidemiologic services on November 10-11 in Bishkek, reporteed press service of the Kyrgyz Public Health Ministry.
The report indicated that many new epidemiologic studies on cancer in hair-dressers, beauticians, and barbers have been published since 1993 that indicate a small but consistent risk of bladder cancer in male hairdressers and barbers.
In these circumstances, feces can play an important epidemiologic role, as supported by the consistent circovirus detection in intestinal content.
This physician-epidemiologist had reviewed dozens of epidemiologic studies--which had used statistics to probe for connections between Bendectin use and health effects in large groups of women--and concluded that the data didn't support a link between the drug and birth defects.
The book starts with several chapters of general epidemiologic history and principles, including causal concepts, the infectious disease process, and screening principles.