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of or relating to epidemiology

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Four factors that make this a propitious time to launch a massive prospective epidemiologic study of the impact of the environment on health and development, such as the National Children's Study, are a) the development of better skills in conducting and analyzing data from large prospective studies; b) the refinement of highly sensitive, extremely accurate chemical analyses that permit detection and quantification of xenobiotics in body fluids even at very low levels; c) advances in information technology; and d) capacity for rapid, relatively inexpensive genetic analysis (Berkowitz et al.
Even if the epidemiologic evidence were strong enough to recommend fish oil supplementation -- and FitzGerald says that on its own, it isn't -- he estimates that according to the later study, people would have to swallow an average of 50 capsules a day.
A provincial epidemiologic team also determined that a dog belonging to a previous owner of the property died of blastomycosis [approximately equal to] 2 years earlier.
In this review I focus on published evidence from both experimental and epidemiologic studies of a possible role of early life environmental risk factors for PD.
DOE-funded epidemiologic studies of workers have not shown adverse health effects resulting from Hanford activities.
This outbreak demonstrates the need to increase awareness and knowledge of trichinellosis and its epidemiologic features among medical personnel, public health teams, and workers.
Epidemiologic literature, not case studies or experimental animal research, was searched for relevance to an association between neurodegenerative diseases and environmental agents.
In light of these findings, Schecter and Ryan suggest that Vietnam would be the ideal place to conduct a major epidemiologic study of dioxin's health effects.
lepidum, results of genetic analyses in the pCS20 gene regions of Gedaref are important for epidemiologic research on E.
Additionally, studies using the PQ + MB model have shown a greater vulnerability of males to the combined treatment, which is consistent with observations from epidemiologic studies of PD (Wooten et al.
Their just-completed epidemiologic study, which they plan to publish soon, involved 250 Hong Kong NPC patients and an equal number of matched controls.
Epidemiologic investigation of the first case was not conducted until >1 month after onset and implementation of the polio immunization initiative in a limited area.
Two types of projects were called for: one using animal models to characterize pathways related to breast and endocrine system development over the life course, and a second to conduct an epidemiologic study of the determinants of puberty in girls.
Epidemiologic studies of human consumption of the cyclamate/saccharin mixture concentrated on bladder cancer, the committee says, and did not show a "clear increase in risk in most categories of users.
In retrospect, many of these studies were flawed when considered in light of modern epidemiologic techniques.