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Synonyms for epidemic

Synonyms for epidemic

a sudden increase in something, as the occurrence of a disease

Antonyms for epidemic

a widespread outbreak of an infectious disease

(especially of medicine) of disease or anything resembling a disease

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This number is expected to increase epidemically as a consequence of an aging population and changes in lifestyle.
But the melanopsin receptors are particularly sensitive during the evening and nighttime hours, so "I'm pretty sure that at least many of the sleep disorders we are facing epidemically are related to evening or nighttime light," he says.
VL affects more than 1,00,000 persons every year in India and occurs epidemically and endemically in well-defined areas in the eastern parts of the country, mainly Bihar, West Bengal, the eastern districts of Uttar Pradesh, Assam and the foothills of Sikkim (1).
Adenoviral keratoconjunctivitis is a highly contagious disease that occurs worldwide sporadically and epidemically.
The obstetrically managed births, known for decades for higher morbidity and mortality rates as well as epidemically high, unnecessary surgical birth rates, are the problem.