epidemic disease

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any infectious disease that develops and spreads rapidly to many people

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A locally-developed Smart Security Investigator (SSI) system was unveiled yesterday by the Ministry of Interior (MoI) to detect potential smugglers or travellers infected with epidemic diseases at Qatar's entry points.
The dialectical relationship between epidemics and conquest, conflict and war, is illustrated in the accounts of almost all the epidemic diseases.
Jesuit Accounts of Epidemic Disease in the 16th Century (1996) raises more serious objections to the "classic" plague model.
In Six Modern Plagues, Mark Jerome Walters writes about these and other new epidemic disease emergences and attempts to uncover underlying common themes.
Violent conflict, epidemic disease, instability and poverty were afflicting millions in the region, he said.
In particular, she does provide substantive support for Native suspicions that they were laboratory rats in western medicine's development of treatments for epidemic disease.
But when it comes to the treatment of epidemic disease, the conflict between commerce and humanitarianism is nothing new.
The epidemic disease was smallpox which recurred about every six years.
They said that an epidemic disease and Malaria broke out in two villages of Kunraj area of Lasbela district, causing death of five children.
Although no longer a formidable epidemic disease, measles is still responsible for up to 2 million deaths per annum--mainly among children in developing countries.
Sabin and the conquest of epidemic disease, the rise of big engineering during World War II, and global metrology 1961-80.
Guangdong Province epidemic disease experts discovered that the animals most commonly handled by the wild animal traders found to have SARS antibodies were masked civet cats, wild pigs, rabbits and snakes, the report said.
The English "sanitary idea" suggested that epidemic disease arose from miasmas--accumulated filth and foul smells increasingly found in urban places.
The Treasury is determined to avoid the direct expense of epidemic disease eradication but when we hear from one of our members that his new foot-and-mouth insurance premium has jumped from pounds 2,100 to pounds 26,000 it must be obvious that its self-financing plans for the industry are a non-runner.
IshratulEbad Khan has assented the "Sindh Epidemic Diseases Act, 2014" aimed at consolidating the law relating to prevention of the spread of dangerous epidemic disease in the Province.
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