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designed primarily for rhetorical display


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The call for action, shifting the sermon from more typical epideictic to deliberative rhetoric, as well as the mention of specific personal care items may have offended some of the listeners.
The book moves quickly to individual chapters on specific rhetorical concerns: doxa, phronesis, epideictic, and the polis.
They address consistent identity, symbolic interaction and hermeneutics, the self and the other in everyday existence, narratives of understanding of the distributed self, a career as a project of the self, interrupting the subject and the other, the mission statement as epideictic rhetoric, the "dividual" enterprise, the control-resistance-identity triangle, marginal identity, disaporic identity as a media event, fluid identities and removing gender, and identity aesthetics.
The fifth chapter, "Femininity between Praise and Slander," considers the professional motivations for and gendered consequences of the tension between epideictic rhetoric and equitable inquiry in Guarini's Il Pastor Fido, Jonson's The Devil is an Ass, and Wroth's Love's Victory.
They associated epic with epideictic, the rhetoric of praise and blame, and expected an epic hero to be perfect in every way, a model for readers to imitate.
White House art functions as an epideictic rhetoric that presidents deploy to link themselves to American values and traditions and to highlight elements of the national story with which they want to identify themselves (Finnegan 2014).
Zhang Zai revived Han grand rhapsody's elements by emphasizing its epideictic function.
Eve-Alice Roustang-Stoller shows how the interplay of the deliberative, judiciary, and epideictic genres cracks LPA's moralistic varnish but fashion a more human character.
The result was an ecumenical council the likes of which the church had never seen, a council whose astonishing substance was couched not in the age-old forms of doctrinal pronunciamentos and anathemas but, as O'Malley points out, in the epideictic style of exhortation to expressed ideals, and addressed not only to the Catholic Church but also to "the whole human family.
In the Metamorphoses, Hunink especially points to Lucius' "judicial speech," at the Risus festival which in itself also contains other genres: the epic heroism attributed to the "speaking" wineskins, comedy, epideictic rhetoric, and others.
Epideictic rhetoric (the rhetoric of praise or blame) was formally subdivided into particular forms of praise depending on context (the encomium, panegyrics, funeral oratory).
Calling his book a work of epideictic rhetoric, he acknowledges that it is thoroughly a culture-three document.
2) A fuller account should consider the so-called epideictic oratory, which concerns speeches for ceremonial occasions.
Poetry was considered a branch of epideictic rhetoric: every poem is a speech of either praise or blame.
The responsive, manifold, yet particularizing character of this kind of reasoning, which Aristotle saw as ordered to political, judicial, and epideictic or ceremonial purposes, by its very nature creates the central problem for rhetoric: can this art of topical reasoning that "proves opposites" be ordered to the good?