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a line generated by a point on a circle rolling around another circle

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One potential result of the project--the epicycloid corresponding to the parameter values R = 10, r = 5 and d = 8 is presented in Figure 6.
The metering function is based on two epicycloids turbines being driven by the medium flowing past them, with the relative position of the two vanes to each other being controlled by gear wheels that engaged, Victrex explains.
From mathematical point of view, this profile is a particular case of the epicycloid curve, problems which are presented by (Keating, E.
If in the case of processing gears with curved teeth arranged in a circular arc there is the possibility of rectifying the gear's flanks, in the case of processing conical gears with teeth arranged in an epicycloid arc, there is none (Stetiu, (1994).
Their topics include the circle's special role in geometry, famous theorems about circles, circle constructions: the problem of Apollonius, Mascheroni constructions: using only compasses, rolling circles: hypocycloids and epicycloids, and spherical geometry: circles on the sphere.
Digital mathematics: Rolling hypocycloids and epicycloids.
Oh, stellar arena of night, scarred by the evolutions, spirals and leaps of Those nimble riders; oh, cycloids and epicycloids executed in inspiration Along the diagonals of the sky, amid lost wire spokes, hoops shed with indifference, to reach the bright goal denuded, with nothing but the pure idea of cycling