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of or relating to an epicycle


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Taken altogether this rather Ptolemaic bill of epicyclical changes (including, remember, the double-slack bookkeeping at the head of the line) left my scansion teetering at the edge of bankruptcy.
Not long after the nascent theology of religions took the momentous step in the late 1980's of crossing the "theological Rubicon" (8) of setting aside the "myth" of Christian absoluteness (9) and began developing the philosophical and theological sensitivity needed to move decisively beyond the sad and morally disturbing legacy of Christian particularism, both exclusivistic and inclusivistic (as evidenced in a recent essay on the Goan Inquisition by Klaus Klostermaier), (10) the discipline quickly stalled in the impasse of inclusivist epicyclical theorizing about the salvific value of religions other than Christianity.
A superior epicyclical gear design provides tough, dependable torque transmission.
Available as single or three phase models for on-off and modulating quarter turn valves, the actuators are manufactured from die cast aluminium and incorporate epicyclical internal gearing.
It uses a range of battery- powered motors and epicyclical gearboxes to generate power.