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of or relating to an epicycle


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Not long after the nascent theology of religions took the momentous step in the late 1980's of crossing the "theological Rubicon" (8) of setting aside the "myth" of Christian absoluteness (9) and began developing the philosophical and theological sensitivity needed to move decisively beyond the sad and morally disturbing legacy of Christian particularism, both exclusivistic and inclusivistic (as evidenced in a recent essay on the Goan Inquisition by Klaus Klostermaier), (10) the discipline quickly stalled in the impasse of inclusivist epicyclical theorizing about the salvific value of religions other than Christianity.
19) Ironically, D'Costa's adaptation of old and generally discredited or dubious theological doctrines serves the triple purpose of (1) exemplifying the epicyclical inventiveness of inclusivism; (2) confirming the pluralist insight that because no religious model of the world can be final, so-called eternal truths are always under construction; and (3) demonstrating that religious inclusivisms (what to speak of exclusivisms) are inevitably negated by the incapacity of any set of religious symbols and practices to secure the assent of the unpersuaded.
Vibration of the high rotational speed epicyclical gear train
Acceleration spectrum of the epicyclical gear train case horizontal vibration is more informative in diagnostics and shown in Fig.
It uses a range of battery- powered motors and epicyclical gearboxes to generate power.
70), but then he immediately reverts to an epicyclical inclusivism when he claims that the "Way of God has been most clearly discerned in the way that Jesus followed" (p.