epicyclic gear

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an outer gear that revolves about a central sun gear of an epicyclic train

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Keruvannya protsesom zminy shvydkosti za dopomohoyu dyferentsial'noyi peredachi cherez sonyachne zubchaste koleso [Speed change process management via epicyclic gear train through sun gear].
By way of comparison, a Pratt & Whitney GTF hub-mounted epicyclic gear box is shown in Fig.
By combining the load distribution principle of epicyclic gears with the simplified design of a parallel shaft gear, operating efficiencies of 99 per cent are possible.
Epicyclic gear units can operate at up to 1% higher efficiency than a parallel shaft gear unit, and are inherently quieter than parallel shaft gear units, with lower noise and vibration [6].
Kwak, "Application of edge permutation group to structural synthesis of epicyclic gear trains," Mechanism and Machine Theory, vol.
Contract Awarded for Supply of Epicyclic Gear With Disc ASSY
The curious thing about it all was the epicyclic gear system which drew inspiration from the great Frederick Lanchester.