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of or relating to an epicycle


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The power distribution gear unit is ideally suited for applications outside the range of technical feasibility of parallel shaft and epicyclic gear units.
The epicyclic gearbox became the basis for the modern automatic transmission and 15,007,003 customers gave the so called 'Tin Lizzie' the thumbs up until production wound up in 1927.
4-inches) diameter (excluding an optional electronic inverter/controller), INTETS incorporates internal epicyclic single-stage gearing, off-the-shelf internal differential components and parking pawl; resulting in a system that is very quiet, low cost and safe.
The key to the SuperGen technology lies in the combination of a patented epicyclic traction transmission and electric gear ratio control.
Contract Awarded for Supply of Epicyclic Gear With Disc ASSY
The modular structure includes advanced and basic gear design and manufacturing for metal/plastic gears, as well as crossed-axis, epicyclic and spline design and manufacturing.
manufacturer to supply space-saving generator-mounted epicyclic gears.
Voith Turbo BHS Getriebe is the world's most specialised manufacturer of turbo gear units of different kinds, that is parallel shaft, epicyclic or integral design.
ET-4-31 Epicyclic Gear Train & Holding Torque Apparatus
ALSTOM Gears manufactures and sells a range of gears and gearboxes, including high-speed epicyclic and parallel shaft gearboxes, for the industrial, rail and marine industries.
the epicyclic movement ensures complete coverage of the mix zone, independent of the flow characteristics of the materials.
The wheels rotate in opposite directions and parts are carried in sprocket workholders that rotate parts in an epicyclic motion during grinding.
So the writing was on the wall for this car, which was also suffering setbacks with its transmission, which was of a patented pedal-operated two-speed epicyclic type .