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a circle that rolls around (inside or outside) another circle

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These spurious effects, "dark energy", "dark matter", and "accelerating expansion", are reminiscent of Ptolemy's epicycles when an incorrect model of the solar system was forced to fit the data, rather than using the data to test different models of the solar system.
For the problem that had vexed many interpreters of Giordano Bruno is that in his Cena de le ceneri he maintains to possess the correct interpretation of the Copernican system through reading his diagram of che planets as though the earth and the moon formed an epicycle on a virtual orbit around the sun.
before protecting it, but that seems like an unnecessary epicycle.
7) Thapar points out that according to some scholars, the number 432,000 could be of Babylonian origin, combined with the Greek epicycle theory (15).
Calmeta manages, while blowing on his pipes, also to sing about the phases of the moon, its epicycle, equant, and deferant, the rules and attributes of the planets ("del rosseggiante Marte, del temperato Giove e del pigro Saturno" Filocolo 5.
Also, if we allow the center of the epicycle to move at a constant angular speed around a third point on the opposite side of the deferent, one can predict the positions of the planets much more accurately.
The scientist does not observe the system "perched on the epicycle of Mercury" (Skinner, 1974 p.
Epicycle Business Solutions; Integrated Sysems Solutions; and Looks Creative Designing Arts, Inc.
A clear example is offered by D'Costa, who innovatively--and unpersuasively and irrelevantly to people outside his theological circle--has declined to resolve the problem of deceased "righteous" "non-Christians" by following Joseph DiNoia in opening up purgatory to non-Christians who die in a state of grace (itself an epicycle implausible to those outside this particular theological stance).
Though often attacked, this paradigm has been particularly long-lived, in part because it was flexible enough--with the aid of an epicycle or two--to encompass even such novel structures as Stephen Greenblatt's Renaissance Self-Fashioning and its many avatars.
63-71), the last epicycle of Cracknell's Christian inclusivism should dissolve.
In the final evaluation we might ask a question that Heil himself alluded to in the book: Has he added another epicycle to our misdirected efforts or put us on track for real solutions of lasting value?
Recourse to divine purpose merely adds a complex epicycle once the question of the rational validity of this purpose arises.
Raphael invokes fascinating scientific theories, alluding to calculations that "gird the sphere / With centric and eccentric scribbled o'er, / Cycle and epicycles, orb in orb" (8.
Because so saying, supposing that the Earth moves and the Sun stands still saves all the appearances better than by positing eccentrics and epicycles.