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a doctrine of hedonism that was defended by several ancient Greek philosophers

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The manner of Maimonides' rejection of Epicureanism should be contrasted with his rejection of his designated opponent, Aristotle, whose intellectual achievement Maimonides says is so great that we can dispense with the consideration of all other philosophers if we merely defeat his claims against religious doctrine.
22) The way Greenblatt sets up his story, it is to defend this doctrine that early Christians had to defame Epicureanism and its main exponent, Lucretius.
Pursuits of Wisdom is an original, clearly written, and brilliantly argued reinterpretation of six ways of life offered by ancient Greek philosophers: Socrates/Plato, Aristotle, Stoicism, Epicureanism, Skepticism, and the Platonism of Plotinus.
The newly enhanced WineStyles Tasting Station will strategically position the brand as a unique investment opportunity, while meeting the changing needs of our customers who are looking for not only exceptional wines, but a community gathering place where epicureanism is celebrated through food, drinks and friendship.
We will return, she believes, to the modes of "wisdom," by which she understands a combination of Stoicism, Epicureanism, Confucianism, and, yes, pragmatism.
If Epicureanism aims to insulate its adherents from anxiety and fortune, why should the Epicurean--especially the Epicurean sage--need to isolate herself from violence in the suburbs?
By juxtaposing classical Epicureanism with medieval Christianity in this way, Greenblatt demonstrates a willingness to cherry-pick evidence to support his own postmodern views.
As much, therefore, as we can speak loudly and frankly to those who have embraced impudently the absolute independence of law, Epicureanism in morality, usury in loaning, arbitrary despotism in taxation, and so forth, so much must we proceed reflectively and modestly on purely scientific questions, to which in large part the first concepts of economy belong; although we see (and who does not see it?
It is intriguing to consider other parallels, such as the competing veins of stoicism and Epicureanism in both writers.
In his chapter on the "Pagan Renaissance," D'Elia emphasizes the humanists' interests in Hellenistic/Roman philosophies--especially Epicureanism and Stoicism--and their homoerotic expressions in letters and poetry.
She has worked on Epicureanism and published on Lucretius and Philodemus.
Yet, Ovid paradoxically borrows nothing less from Lucretian Epicureanism than Neopythagorean metaphysics.
Not moral, but good, since our post-post-postmodern human nature indicates an inclination toward Epicureanism and its myriad manifestations.
65) Accusing Marcion of Epicureanism, Tertullian says that Marcion has removed from God all strength of severity and judgment.