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the muscle and aponeurosis and skin covering the cranium

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11)--interspace between eye and posteroventral corner of epicranium slightly longer than fore femur.
It is light brown with a very strong lateral stripe, which extends at least partly to the posterior margin; the epicranial suture and some or all of the adfrontals and clypeus are black, and there is a trace of a black streak extending dorsally on the epicranium from the adfrontals.
Head light yellowish brown with dark reddish brown W-shaped pattern on the frontoclypeus and epicranium (Fig.
8 mm wide, color varies from uniform dark brown to dark brown with partially light brown areas; toothed horn and seven conical protuberances on each robe; color varies from bright yellow to dark brown; a protuberance (chalaza) on each side of dorsal epicranium (vertex) with a dark brown to black seta; some spatulate setae on horns and conical protuberances (same in remaining instars).