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the point on the Earth's surface directly above the focus of an earthquake

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Distances between the epicentral region of the New Hampshire earthquakes and New Brunswick vary between 360 km on the western boundary to 620 km on the eastern boundary of the province.
Fortunately, because the immediate epicentral area was unpopulated, damage was very slight: a few hairline cracks but no structural damage in buildings up to 100 km away.
Plank shows that Structure 23 was owned by a queen, 'Lady Xok', arguing that 'women have dwellings in epicentral Yaxchilan that are characterized as centralplaces within the domain of the king, and [.
0 and five epicentral distances ranging from 10-160 km have been used to analyse responses at 123 locations within the study area.
Heart is epicentral to Paul and to what people - particularly Liverpool people - feel about Paul.
The way Noland is able to suggest expansion or contraction through the thickness of the color bands and the size of the epicentral disk reminds us of the intense thought necessary to make a success of such an apparently simple composition.
Liquefaction-induced features are being used in widely differing seismotectonic settings to prove paleoseismic strong shaking, and to approximate epicentral locations and levels of shaking and magnitudes (e.
Titled "Planning History and the New American Metropolis", Sies and Silver document the "fundamental shift" in urban form, from the traditional epicentral to the clusters of only partially interdependent edge cities.
Rescue efforts and media attention centered on the epicentral region in the San Fernando Valley, but they ignored other, more distant sites rattled hard by the quake, says Bortugno.
These records revealed a powerful ground motion depending on ground conditions and epicentral distance.
AIR's Mehrdad Mahdyiar, senior director of earthquake research, says insured losses "will not be significant given the low residential take-up rates and the relatively rural nature of the epicentral region.
Economist Spyros Episkopou, chief executive officer of Epicentral Consultancy Ltd, said he was hopeful the tightening of fiscal rules in Europe will eliminate the risk that Cyprus would again become fiscally complacent.
Fortunately, the epicentral area in 1946 was sparsely populated, hence damage was minor compared to what a similarly sized earthquake in the same area would cause today.
Significantly, despite the failure of the neo-colonial state and its resultant irrelevance to the lives of the vast majority of the African peoples, the state remains epicentral to the establishment of holistic democracy, peace and stability in Africa.