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the point on the Earth's surface directly above the focus of an earthquake

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Funding for the five Prevention Epicenters begins immediately and extends through 2020.
For nearly two decades, the Epicenters have advanced the fight against healthcare-associated infections with practical clinical innovations that have saved lives, said CDC Director Tom Frieden, M.
Funding for the Prevention Epicenters is part of CDCs Antibiotic Resistance Solutions Initiative, a national effort aimed at transforming the agencys ability to further address antibiotic resistance at all levels.
The Chicago Antimicrobial Resistance and Infection Prevention Epicenter (Cook County Health & Hospital System and Rush University Medical Center).
The Duke University Prevention Epicenter in Durham, N.
That's the name for a new futuristic shopping format, called the Epicenter Collection, that Federated is considering down the road.
Epicenter is envisioned as a 180,000- to 200,000-square-foot setting in the mall where online and catalog companies-such as L.
Schiff wonders if it might not be possible to implant electrodes at a patient's seizure epicenter, then run leads to a tiny microprocessor tucked elsewhere in the body.
So diverse are the material growth capabilities in the Epicenter that sponsorship was split among the university's Materials Research Lab, Coordinated Science Lab, and Center for Compound Semiconductor Microelectronics.
The principal researchers currently using the Epicenter are:
It was felt stronger because its epicenter was shallow and close to Sofia.
The Epicenter Collection is the brainchild of Sheldon Gordon, the visionary developer of renowned world-class retail and entertainment properties.
Epicenter will be exhibiting at the 2005 International Council of Shopping Centers Conference (ICSC) at the Las Vegas Convention Center (Glimcher booth #2155, Twenty-First Avenue) May 22-25 in Las Vegas.
Developed by Epicenter Studios under the advisement of real firefighters, the game delivers an authentic firefighting experience where the enemy is a living, breathing fire.
To honor the firefighting community and all that they do, Epicenter and Crave have committed to monetary donations to the Firefighter Cancer Support Network (FCSN).