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the point on the Earth's surface directly above the focus of an earthquake

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ISLAMABAD -- The latest version of an earthquake epicenter distribution map for China and its neighboring areas, compiled by the China Earthquake Networks Center, has been published.
Greece is in an earthquake-prone region, but most have epicenters deep beneath the seabed and rarely cause damage or injuries.
Sunday, with an epicenter beneath the seabed 43 miles southwest of the Ionian island of Zakinthos.
Six new American academic institutions join the five existing Epicenters working to discover new ways to protect patients from dangerous germs.
Scope: The CDC Prevention Epicenters Program has been established to develop, implement and evaluate the effectiveness of epidemiologically-based strategies to improve healthcare quality and patient safety.
Some areas could be converted to Epicenters, if a deal with Gordon is concluded.
In intractable cases, physicians sometimes target this unstable zone-which Schiff likens to the epicenter of an earthquake-for removal.
director of CDC's Office of HAI Prevention Research and Evaluation, stated, "During the past decade, some of our biggest breakthroughs in healthcare infection prevention have been rooted in research of the Prevention Epicenter program, and we look forward to future advances.
It was felt stronger because its epicenter was shallow and close to Sofia.
22, 2012 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Continuing its commitment to be at the forefront of advanced medical technology, Saddleback Memorial Medical Center has been chosen as the first Robotic Training Epicenter for gynecologic surgery in Orange County, Calif.
Epicenter Studios, developers of Real Heroes: Firefighter for Wii[TM], in partnership with Crave Entertainment and Conspiracy Entertainment, today announced that they have joined forces with the Firefighter Cancer Support Network for Fire Safety Week October 4-10 2009.
20 /PRNewswire/ -- Epicenter Studios is pleased to announce that Real Heroes: Firefighter for Wii(TM) has shipped to retail stores nationwide this week.