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Synonyms for epicene

having qualities more appropriate to women than to men

Synonyms for epicene

one having both male and female sexual characteristics and organs

having an ambiguous sexual identity


Related Words

having unsuitable feminine qualities

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After the train wreck of her brief marriage to epicene roue Russell Brand, her dazzling smiles are starting to look as artificial as those of the ageing, hard-bitten Joan Crawford" - Feminist academic Camille Paglia on pop singer Katy Perry (pictured).
Among her topics are displacing Virgilian figures in Spenser's Faerie Queene, mingling heroes and hobgoblins in A Midsummer Night's Dream, and gender exchange in Shakespeare's sonnet 20 and Jonson's Epicene.
Clare McManus follows Jonson's Epicene from Restoration London to Edinburgh, depicting "the Stuart archipelago" (181) as a terrain crisscrossed by actors and play-texts and puzzling over where such travel should be placed on a continuum between the transregional and the transnational.
Just when Hopkins noted his epicene nature is unknown.
Androgynous Cliques and Epicene Colleges: Gender Transgression On and Off the Victorian Stage".
The idyll about Vivien, "weird and doubtful," is the poem in which Tennyson "has concentrated all the epicene force which, wearisomely expanded, constitutes the characteristic" of the fleshly school.
U]ntil the man without haste overtook her, not to catch, grasp at her, but simply ran past her with one single neat surgeon-like back-handed slash of the razor, running into then out of the instant's immobility into which all motion flowed into one gesture of formulated epicene, almost finicking, even niggardly fatal violence like the bullfighter's, the two of them running on side by side for two or three paces in the moonlight until the woman fell, the man not even spotted and the blade itself barely befouled, as if he had severed not a jugular but a scream and restored merely to the midnight, silence.
But Lockwood points out how influential Epicene was for late eighteenth-century drama--it is an urtext behind The School for Scandal, for example--and draws attention to Jonson's survival in the provincial circuits at York and Bath, and the popularity of spin-offs such as Francis Gentleman's The Tobacconist (a farce based on The Alchemist).
Flaming Creatures is a triumphant example of an aesthetic vision of the world--and such a vision is perhaps always, at its core, epicene.
In an age where John Candy is but a memory, Martin Short's blubbery, epicene Jiminy Glick re presents the future of the fat comic.
In the mass of straight people's minds, especially younger ones, "gay" means effeminate, epicene, or, in its broadest embrace, just plain weak.
Some animals, of either sex, are stuck with a single epicene form; for example, French mouse is feminine (la souris), as are the giraffe, frog, and partridge.
Proposed options vary widely, ranging from coining special "women-specific" and epicene grammatical forms, like personal pronouns E or IR (Eade, 1979), or words and word-forms, such as femocrat (for democrat), herstory (for history), womyn or wimmin (for woman) etc.
His air is contemplative and dreamy in both self-portraits; and narcissistic, even epicene, even effeminate, in the Uffizi version.
The picture seems driven, at least partly, by an impulse to contradict the more epicene tendencies of this country's art-house filmmaking.