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Synonyms for epicene

having qualities more appropriate to women than to men

Synonyms for epicene

one having both male and female sexual characteristics and organs

having an ambiguous sexual identity


Related Words

having unsuitable feminine qualities

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Donovan makes some similar criticisms of the 2014 American Shakespeare Centre Maid's Tragedy in 'The Maid's Tragedy, Epicene and As You Like It', 4.
2) Individus epicenes, ce n'est toutefois pas l'introduction du feminin dans le masculin ou vice-versa, mais plutot la creation d'un corps oo les deux existent simultanement dans une exageration camp, suivant le concept de Susan Sontag (3).
The sitters in these paintings display an epicene beauty that suggests and harmonises elements of each sex, resulting in a beauty beyond that to be found in nature.
These, of course, included the repulsive, epicene Lindsey Graham.
Vasquez MG (2003) Epicene rhetoric and reform: Gender and genre in Margaret Fuller and Nathaniel Hawthorne.
Francis attracted plenty of bets but the royals surely would have flinched from an epicene name (it sounds as though it could be male or female).
As such, Dale is a rare gift, thrust upon a movement such as ours that desires to shift the conservative debate away from the epicene gossip of the Westminster bubble, to core ideas and principles.
Much of the initial writing, predicted Summers (two years before the publication of Mother I'm Rooted), 'will necessarily be a ritual breaking of taboos', creating the conditions for a 'more epicene culture' (1973 4-11).
Un participant et son epouse frequentaient la petite epicene tenue par le frere de ce dernier depuis leur mariage en 1951.
Mawr of emasculated libido and contorted gender-definition is intensified as the narrative moves closer to the horse's stable by way of introducing the epicene Mr.
After the train wreck of her brief marriage to epicene roue Russell Brand, her dazzling smiles are starting to look as artificial as those of the ageing, hard-bitten Joan Crawford" - Feminist academic Camille Paglia on pop singer Katy Perry (pictured).
Clearly, they were not the only not-so-feminine women to have envisaged a closet full of edgy and epicene garments--the campaign exceeded its target by over 100 percent.
Among her topics are displacing Virgilian figures in Spenser's Faerie Queene, mingling heroes and hobgoblins in A Midsummer Night's Dream, and gender exchange in Shakespeare's sonnet 20 and Jonson's Epicene.
Clare McManus follows Jonson's Epicene from Restoration London to Edinburgh, depicting "the Stuart archipelago" (181) as a terrain crisscrossed by actors and play-texts and puzzling over where such travel should be placed on a continuum between the transregional and the transnational.