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outermost layer of the pericarp of fruits as the skin of a peach or grape


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All 4 species have the 3 distinctive longitudinal markings running from apex to base on the epicarp which are strikingly similar to those found on these fossils (Fig.
But the epicarp and the flesh it surrounds (mesocarp), may be quite tasty to an animal, ensuring a means of dispersal.
torridus on tung fruits is attributed to physical characteristics of the fruit's epicarp that has a fibrous texture (approximately 50.
The red-coated fruits of the Turkana doum palm were scrapped with a hand rasp to remove the epicarp and expose the mesocarp.
Chinese date, jujube, her, Epicarp and mesocarp of drupe edible
All lonchaeines were observed eating the fruit epicarp, but a bioassay conducted in the laboratory showed that no species of Lonchaeidae directly affected the seed germination of this mistletoe.
microanalysis studies of silicon in the epicarp hairs of the caryopses