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the innermost of the two layers of the pericardium

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Through morphological assessment and functional assay, they found that the generated epicardium cells were similar to epicardium cells in living humans and those grown in the laboratory.
But studies of zebra fish showed that stimulating the epicardium, a sac of fibrous tissue surrounding the heart, can theoretically trigger heart regeneration.
We will study the role of macrophages and particularly analyse a subtype, which accumulates in the outer mesothelial layer of the heart, the epicardium.
Grossly heart exhibited petechial haemorrhages and congestion on epicardium and endocardium.
Histologic analysis revealed a multinodular mass extending from the atria, running along the epicardium distally, and often extending into the myocardium.
13) The simplest criterion for diagnosis is that the distance from the epicardial surface to the peak of trabeculations is at least double the distance from the surface of the epicardium to the trough of ventricular trabeculations.
Epicardial fat tissue (EFT) is a component of visceral fat tissue located around the heart between myocardial and visceral epicardium.
In the systolic and diastolic phases of heartbeat, two contour lines were drawn to delineate the endocardium and epicardium.
Other cardiac findings included myocyte hypertrophy, patchy interstitial fibrosis, and a focal infiltrate of plasma cells within the epicardium.
To record optical action potentials, the epicardium was illuminated using an LED spotlight (530/35 nM; Mightex, Pleasanton, CA).
In period of TpTe interval during which the epicardium has repolarized, the M cells are still in the process of repolarization and vulnerable to the occurrence of early after-depolarizations (EADs) [28] and in turn it can lead to reentry and VT or VF.
Other findings included petechial hemorrhages in epicardium and endocardium and congestion of the lungs; all other organs appeared normal.
Longer repolarization in the epicardium at the right ventricular outflow tract causes type 1 electrocardiogram in patients with Brugada syndrome.