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the innermost of the two layers of the pericardium

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The parasternal longand short-axis views afforded the most accurate measurements of epicardial adipose tissue depth in the right ventricle; the cursor beam orientation was optimized for each patient.
Minimally invasive epicardial access is currently performed using fluoroscopic imaging, which can be challenging to use given the difficulty in distinguishing soft tissue features and limitations of two-dimension imaging.
At CMR, thickening of the pericardium to greater than 4 mm can be seen, with the pericardium often best demonstrated on non-fat-suppressed SE or turbo SE sequences, where it is low in signal intensity and outlined by epicardial and pericardial fat.
Correlation of echocardiographic epicardial fat thickness with severity of coronary artery disease-an observational study.
is the leading innovator in epicardial ablation devices and techniques, dedicated to transforming the underserved arrhythmia market through the advancement of less invasive, more efficacious ablation alternatives for cardiac arrhythmias such as atrial fibrillation (AF).
The proposed mechanism for J wave development is cold-induced accentuation of the action potential of M and epicardial cells, creating the J wave.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- The results of a new research showed that imaging epicardial adipose tissue, or the layer of fat around the heart, can provide extra information compared with standard diagnostic techniques such as coronary artery calcium scoring.
The size of the layer of fat around the heart, or imaging epicardial adipose tissue, can be measured by X-ray imaging techniques such as CT or MRI, according to research by cardiologists at Emory University School of Medicine.
The immediate goal of this translational study is to identify unique epicardial fat specific biomarkers that will help either predict future cardiovascular risk or be targets for future therapeutics," said Dr.
1030 smokers patient with CAD (diagnosed by CAG having more than 50% stenosis in one of epicardial vessel) [range 38-66 years] having cardiovascular disease attending cardiology LSL superspeciality centre PGIMS Rohtak were screened for periodontal conditions [according to previous classification[4].
At the fifth week of fetal development, the first and second branchial arches of the pharyngeal wall undergo a downward proliferation and meet the epicardial ridge, thereby closing the communication of the second, third, and fourth clefts with the exterior surface of the neck.
Delayed enhancement was described as involving the endomyocardial border and transmural as involving the epicardial border alone without transmural extension or a midseptal myocardial stripe.
The most striking example of the influence of extravascular tissue on atherosclerosis is the relative absence of disease in epicardial artery segments that are buried within the myocardium.
5, where X is the distance from the epicardial surface to the trough of the trabecular recess and Y is the distance from the epicardial surface to peak of trabeculation during diastole.
Enpath also stated that its July guidance anticipated significant sales of its new delivery tool for epicardial leads, the Fastac Flex(TM), upon its expected market launch late in the third quarter of 2004.