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constituting or having to do with or suggestive of a literary epic


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Early on, the epical, absolutist trajectory of Death Comes for the Archbishop had served as a buttress for the narrative's Old World identity as it underwent, figuratively, the same trials that Latour himself had endured.
It mixes the Aristotelian division of the literary world into the three genres or universal modes--the lyrical, the epical (narrative) and the dramatic- with simple genres (various songs), an anthropology lecture and a video-taped twenty-first-century trial.
The Legend of Etana and The Eagle or the Epical Poem "The City They Hated.
In The Four Prentices Heywood transformed the Crusades from an account of epical struggles and an allegory, as Tasso meant it to be, of the life of man into a painted arras, a background with a picture of Jerusalem on it, for an amateur's dramatization of the symmetrical material of folk-literature.
To this, Kim's epical retort amounts to this: quite the contrary, Christianity does indeed belong in Korea; for Tan'guns themselves descended from Noah, the chosen one of Hananim, very God.
we have got ancient, epical stories that tell how that land has been created .
Political writings" is a vexed category, insofar as d'Aubigne's magnum opus, the Tragiques, may be as well regarded as an epical, religious, satirical, and political poem.
Much the same could be said for Hera's epical preparations which, in both ridiculous detail and sublime effect, closely resemble Belinda's mock-epic toilette.
He considers changing the course of history, of becoming their deliverer but, in epical fashion, his hubris pre-empts a fall.
Sanskrit literature that derived from the Mahabharata parwa as well as the Ramayana kanda became the subsequent basis for kakawin, which took their themes from the Indian epical literature.
Adapted from a novel by Elias Khoury, one of the Arab world's most acclaimed writers, the film is a four and half hour epical portrayal of the story of the Palestinian exodus.
Czeslaw Milosz, the epical poet and witness bearer, whose death at ninety-three came a week after Golub's, weighed this question some years ago as he walked through the galleries of the Musee d'Orsay.
During their epical wanderings the dreaming ancestors placed spirits and humans in or on the land.
Once again, any such claims are foreign to the Chronicler's Cade, who had never gone beyond the high water mark of "Lord of this city"; predictably, however, they everywhere adorn the epical delirium of Hacket.
Chapter 2, on the Odyssey, gives a lively first-hand account of Mediterranean coastwise faring, the datum of primeval voyaging which by absorbing myth and folklore grew the oral epic; for instance as the nautical fact, Cape Malea, did service to the epical form (56).