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poetry celebrating the deeds of some hero

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Yet another is a common interest of Central Europeans in their history; thus a Polish Hungarian studies Serbian epic poetry, in which process she discovers many fascinating details about historical figures and their actions.
Duran postulates reasons for such differences as the absence of a Catalan medieval epic (the Catalan moment of military glory was captured in the chronicles, rather than in epic poetry like the Cid); compares Ramon Llull and Alfonso ei Sabio; contrasts the earthy texture of the Libro de buen amor, of La Celestina, and of Lope's peasants with the more refined, aristocratic heroes of Catalan literature; and tracks the periods of silence and rebirth in both tongues to arrive at a present where, "as in a Hollywood film with a happy ending, both literatures are walking or riding side by side towards a sunset that is about to become a happy and creative future.
Discussion includes the epic ghost and colonial studies, epic poetry and the Hispanic Atlantic, and then, in connection with Espejo de paciencia: the invention of Cuban literature, myth and nature, and the poetics of community in the poem.
While it would be absurd to assert that James actually thought that he would become Elizabeth's heir and subdue his recalcitrant clergy and aristocracy by writing epic poetry, James likely intended his poem to strengthen his prestige by interjecting himself "into the literary pantheon that contributes to [monarchic and poetic] authority.
It is therefore quite understandable that the scholars represented here discuss history as it is presented in fictional form even when there are no novels to speak of - as, for example, in epic poetry or in the old Serbian biographies.
He considers epic poetry, romance, the modern novel, ironic myth, the Great War, modernity, and other aspects.
Ariosto Anticlerical: Epic Poetry and the Clergy in Early Cinquecento Italy.
Werner Jaeger, a famous Hellenist of the last generation, said that the short poems of Archilochus were "born of the need of the free individual to see and solve the problem of human life outside the mystic content of epic poetry, which had hitherto been the only sphere in which it could be posed or answered.
Warner (English, Le Moyne College) stares into the dark soil of Francis Petrarch to start his history of Renaissance epic poetry and traces the progress of time and intellect to the inner light of Milton in Paradise Lost.
More efficacious, Tasso suggests, is an epic poetry that imitates the beautiful marvelous.
Moreover, if the royal reader and dedicatee responds favorably to the framing petition, he will be inspiring material for other, future, works of epic poetry (1.
The story of terraforming Mars is certainly movie material, but why should an accomplished essayist rely upon the traditions of epic poetry to write 10,000 lines of iambic pentameter which explore the science and the implications of terraforming?
5), revealing hereby his ignorance of the Chadwicks' monumental Growth of Literature (1932-40), Bowra's Heroic Poetry (1952) or Hatto and Hainsworth's two volumes on Traditions of Heroic and Epic Poetry (1980-9), to name only a few outstanding contributions to the field.
To test his hypotheses, Hogan analyses in chapter 6 the oral epic poetry of the Ainu (in northeast Asia), mostly recited by women.