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Synonyms for epic

Synonyms for epic

a long narrative poem telling of a hero's deeds

very imposing or impressive

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constituting or having to do with or suggestive of a literary epic


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After a discussion of the gradual emergence of the ottava rima as the exclusive form of the epic genre, Everson turns her attention to Pulci, Boiardo, and Cieco da Ferrara, who began their work when humanist culture had been the prevailing culture in Italy for more than fifty years.
1) a national epic past - in Goethe's and Schiller's terminology the "absolute past" - serves as the subject for the epic; (2) national tradition (not personal experience and the free thought that grows out of it) serves as the source for the epic; (3) an absolute epic distance separates the epic world from contemporary reality, that is, from the time in which the singer (the author and his audience) lives.
Users can also get lists of journal sources for individual EPIC databases.
We are often uncomfortable with poetry and seem to be embarrassed in the face of the passion and complexity of epic unless it is very ancient and can claim to be one of the "great books.
another element of the EPIC collapse, which has forced 20,000 homes into foreclosure, rattled the mortgage industry, and threatens investors with hundreds of millions of dollars in losses.
Cook provides a number of interesting insights into the texts he analyzes (including a complex but intriguing argument linking Eve to intuitive and Adam to discursive reason) and a strong argument for the progressive decentering in time and space of the epics.
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For Bellamy, epic subjecthood is a result of repression, the mechanism that subordinates libidinal desires to an epic goal associated with both dynastic celebration and the national aims of the genre.
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Subsequent epic writers, starting with Vergil, gave thematic significance to digression itself, as the crucial episode of Dido showed.
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