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occurred in >5% of samples) dietary categories were identified: chironomid larvae; ephemeropteran nymphs; simuliid larvae; trichopteran larvae; unknown invertebrates; amorphous detritus.
The stressed habitats consisting of drifting algae in the Neva estuary were colonized by eurybiotic taxa (chironomids, oligochaetes, hirudineans), locally adapted populations of stenobiotic species of trichopterans and ephemeropterans, typical of the studied habitat, as well as some recently introduced species of amphipods (Gmelinoides fasciatus, Pontogammarus robustoides).
Ephemeropterans and Trichopterans are not usual prey items for eastern pipistrelles; however, they dominate the diet when they are found.
In August, hemipterans, molluscs, chironomids, and ephemeropterans together composed 69% of the stomach contents by weight.
These disparities were mostly due to large numbers of Ephemeropterans collected at Winous Point (a Lake Erie coastal wetland) in traps set at lakeside and in an adjacent diked coastal marsh.
Ephemeropterans were captured in relatively high percentage by Lacki et al.