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an annual publication containing astronomical tables that give the positions of the celestial bodies throughout the year

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Table 2 lists the observed eclipse times of minimum, cycle numbers and observed minus calculated (O-C) values relative to the ephemeris in eqn [1] for the eclipses in 2007 and 2009.
0 standards-compliant client solution with extended ephemeris capability designed to reduce GPS start up times of mobile handsets and deliver a "Click'n Go(TM)" user experience even when operating outside of SUPL or wireless coverage.
The software includes message handling protocols for user and control plane-assisted GPS standards, as well as native support for LTO extended ephemeris service.
To help satellite operators prevent collisions in space, the Space-Based Telescopes for Actionable Refinement of Ephemeris (STARE) mission, which will consist of a constellation of nano-satellites in low earth orbit, intends to refine orbits of satellites and space debris to less than 100 meters.
Data from each satellite were collected for 13 minutes, a period long enough to ensure that each receiver participating in the common-view comparison had a complete and current copy of the latest satellite ephemeris, which requires 12.
A new orbit was determined based on an observing arc of only 14 days, and an ephemeris was made available via JPL Horizons.
Timing ephemeris for the Crab pulsar is published monthly and available from Jodrell Bank monthly ephemeris (Lyne, A.
While the Jalali calendar is more accurate than the Gregorian, it is based on actual solar transit, (similar to Hindu calendars), and requires an Ephemeris for calculating dates.
It then combines this data with ephemeris data, mapping, cellular basestation and Wi-Fi access point location data and other cloud-based aiding information using the accompanying SiRFusion[TM] platform.
They discuss time before the 20th century, solar time, ephemerides, variable earth time, earth rotation and polar motion, ephemeris time, relativity and time, dynamical and coordinate time scales, clock developments, microwave atomic clocks, optical atomic standards, the definition and role of a second, international atomic time, coordinated universal time, time in the solar system, time and frequency transfer, modern earth orientation, international activities, time applications, and the future of timekeeping.
Geolocation also requires exact satellite ephemeris data for both primary and secondary satellites.
The Talon NAMATH Tactical Control Station was developed to deliver Precision Global Positioning System Ephemeris directly to operational users to improve GPS accuracy.
The measured ranges do not represent true ranges as the signal coming from a satellite is contaminated by various errors like ephemeris error, propagation error in the form of ionospheric and tropospheric delays, satellite and receiver clock biases with respect to GPST, multipath error etc.