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an annual publication containing astronomical tables that give the positions of the celestial bodies throughout the year

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Ephemerides for these can be found on the CBAT World Wide Web pages.
Days with solar activity and days without solar activity are analysed to be able to compare the differences between the coordinates based on broadcast ephemerides and the known high precision coordinates of the CPOS stations.
We also encounter plentiful evidence derived from the Ephemerides of Samuel Hartlib, who, we are reminded, came to England from Poland.
The key source used by Plutarch and Arrian, known as The Ephemerides (Royal Journal), recorded two days of heavy drinking, (7) followed by eleven days of sickness before death.
300-0 BC), when the construction of ephemerides (1) was a very important astronomical activity [3].
In the account of the Sack provided by a Flemish resident of Rome, Cornelius de Fine, in his Ephemerides Historicae analyzed by Ivana Ait, the Romans appear as heroic defenders of their city and of the pope.
Geodesists produce the coordinates with Program for the Adjustment of GPS Ephemerides (PAGES) software that uses the method of "double differences" to remove clock errors in the GPS satellites and the ground stations.
SiRFInstantFix eliminates the initial time-consuming task of obtaining precise GPS satellite location data -- ephemerides -- from the satellites themselves.
So I wrote, for example, that one Ibn al-Majdi in the mid-15th-century had compiled some ingenious auxiliary tables for computing the solar, lunar and planetary positions needed for annual ephemerides (taqwim, pl.
With the large increase in textual material now available, Jones has been able to group the known astronomical papyri into five main categories: (i) theoretical and instructional texts, (ii) primary tables, (iii) ephemerides and almanacs, (iv) miscellaneous tables, and (v) horoscopes.
Her appendix (221-33) further breaks down those categories into the following and lists all the publications with dates in each category between 1600 and 1900: advice, conduct, religious, medical, attack, defense, praise, satire, proposal, textbook, entertainment, verse, drama, epistolary, ephemerides, miscellany, and other.
entry for 4 April 1916, Ephemerides on and about Marcel Duchamp and Rrose Selavy, texts by Jennifer Gough-Cooper and Jacques Caumont, Cambridge: MIT Press, 1993.
He has been involved in the development of astronomical ephemerides, relativistic dynamical time scales, space missions, and the applications of improved astrometric accuracy.
Actualites Eecrit par Alain Souchon Talavera Champions League Une chronique de la finale de la Champions League disputee, samedi au stade Da Luz de Lisbonne, peut etre ecrite de plusieurs formes mais dans les ephemerides du sport, l'histoire ne retient que les noms des vainqueurs.