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Synonyms for ephemeral

Synonyms for ephemeral

Synonyms for ephemeral

anything short-lived, as an insect that lives only for a day in its winged form


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lasting a very short time

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Everyone seemed faraway, all locked in some distant memory, yet all ephemerally connected by song.
One might say that what appears contradictory in the moment, ephemerally, is eclipsed by what is true in a more lasting--even in an eternal--way.
7) Yet we consume these pictures as infotainment, somewhat cynically aware of their fabrication by the media as stereotypically newsworthy, as they ephemerally pass us by just like the landscape rushing past a high-speed train, the passengers of which indifferent and profoundly separated by an insulated window from the reality outside, which cannot make any claims of responsibility on us whatsoever.
3%), recovers ephemerally in 2006, and falls again afterwards, reaching a low of 38.
He suggests that though live performance seems to exist ephemerally and then vanish, it does not disappear completely after its expiry.
In the Ode, then, it makes sense that Keats should register the "fan," but should do so only ephemerally.
quinquenervia foliage whereas larvae consume only newly-developed leaves that are ephemerally produced in seasonal flushes at branch apices (Purcell & Balciunas 1994).
As a form that is at once fantastic and material, ephemerally inconstant and visually spectacular, fashion itself necessarily complicates the epistemic opposition between abstract and experientially verifiable knowledges.
In general, when a natural disaster strikes, Sri Lankans forget all that which divides them and unite, however ephemerally, in compassion.
Prayer, devotions, spiritual direction, and Sabbath-keeping each help instill in the student an identity as steward constitutionally, not ephemerally.
Astoundingly, even where road building and construction threaten unique features in most parts of Canada, little to no effort is expended to record data from ephemerally exposed sections.
In this study, SNV infection prevalence was either so low during some seasons at some sites as to be virtually undetectable by traditional trapping techniques or ephemerally absent.
is a semiotic one which entails the formation of discourse as the only signifying medium able to actualize, although ephemerally, the eminent vernacular.
Veth 1994), they had probably only ever been used ephemerally and as a supplement to the diet.
lurida was ephemerally listed as threatened in the 1970s in Washington State, it was finally recognized as a species of concern by the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife in 2000 because it remained at low density (Cook et al.