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Synonyms for ephemeral

Synonyms for ephemeral

Synonyms for ephemeral

anything short-lived, as an insect that lives only for a day in its winged form


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lasting a very short time

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92) Individual rights, as the court construed them, must not be sacrificed on the basis of oft-asserted recountings of upsurges of criminal activities that ephemerally disturbed the social landscape.
Historically, Australia's Aboriginal tribes were nomadic, adapting existing landforms for shelter or building very lightly and ephemerally on the ground.
Similarly, indicators will be different in large, ephemerally stratified systems (e.
They call us into a process of signification in which reality and subjects are images, arising ephemerally from the plane of immanence in an ongoing process of interactive formation.
Mushrooms of many or even most species of fungi can be small and inconspicuous, ephemerally produced in good years--absent altogether during suboptimal years, and identification difficult for many closely related species.
Ephemerally abundant prey will have highly variable probabilities of occurrence in harbor seal scats collected in each season.
The Sasanian presence has thus far been attested historically, but only indicated ephemerally through archaeology elsewhere on the island (see for example Hojlund & Hellmuth Andersen 1994).
When a person converts a musical work to make it transmittable on the Internet and copies this musical work on a digital storage medium, at least two reproductions of the work occur--albeit ephemerally in certain cases.
The encounter was duly reported to the father, "I think it was my hair [stunningly if very ephemerally sprayed electric blue]," Ms.
Such effects likely occur regionally and ephemerally in domestic reindeer and caribou (Staaland and Hove 2000).
In an instance, surely, of what Thomas Hardy called "heaven's persistent irony," this final pull of the ties that bind father and son dissolved the ephemerally political into the eternally personal.