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the property of lasting for a very short time

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As Juhani Pallasmaa postulates in his densely argued discourse for a tactile, multi-sensory architecture (p78), this slowness and mutability is fundamentally at odds with the increasing ephemerality and transience of an information and sense-saturated world.
While we witness the beauty and its generative potential, we cannot avoid the melancholy implicit in the flowers' ephemerality.
Contemporary fascination with achieving both material and spatial ephemerality continues and extends this immemorial relationship with light.
It draws a contrast between the eternal cycle of reincarnation and the linear ephemerality of a domestic experience.
Now, we have to strive very hard against the universal tendency in which all experience of life is progressively moved towards the sound-bite, the advertising slogan, the ephemerality of instant fashion.
The project is a meditation on the ephemerality of memory.
ephemerality, fragmentation, discontinuity and the chaotic .
Oftentimes, Byars would display his sculptures as if they were on stage, introducing a sense of ephemerality (the hint of theater) that countered the works' implicit permanence (their allusion to tombstones).
Don't these onrushing moth wings signify the very ephemerality of the cinematic image?
And yet its persistent promotion of a certain logic--the logic of the ephemeral gesture--raises questions about its relation to the wider and more pervasive culture of ephemerality that encompasses not only the technomaterial foundation of social memory but also the amazingly enduring artistic fascination with the ephemeral, the precarious, and the barely perceptible.
In her Burlington Magazine review of the 2003 Palermo retrospective at London's Serpentine Gallery, Cooke acutely noted that, given the fragility and ephemerality of Palermo's oeuvre and the resulting difficulty of loans, "the decision to embark on [a retrospective] must be taken cautiously, with a willingness to abandon the project if loans are not forthcoming, that is, if a representative if not comprehensive selection of work proves unavailable.
Other scenes are harder to place but share a focus on the odd conjunctions of permanence and ephemerality that metropolitan life produces.
To do this, it must be extracted from its ephemerality and given over to permanence.
Guomundsdottir's work provided archaic, earthy contrasts to the visual context of natural ephemerality, with sculptures made of clay and grog, a ceramic raw material--Poloturm (Polo Tower) I--III, all 2010, look like abstract architectural models--as well as a twelve-part group of smaller ceramics that might be outlandish tools [Instrumente [Instruments], 2009).
Almost all of my actions explore the borders of the art institution; the very status of these actions as "artworks" is called into question due to their immateriality, discontinuity, ephemerality, and dependence on context.