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the property of lasting for a very short time

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17) Southey was practicing on the playbill a particular form of close reading, a reinscription of the power of this kind of text to evoke the ephemerality of the event it was advertising.
Hence the viewer is free to make their own associations whether it be the ephemerality of life or a new beginning through death.
The narrator is able to celebrate key moments in the same breath with which she mourns their ephemerality.
Chapter 5 analyses the ephemerality of the data garnered during the course of Odutola's research.
Chapter Four reconsiders Horace Walpole's collection of curiosities at Strawberry Hill in terms of his interest in ephemerality to show that historical objects lose their attachment to the past and begin to represent the contexts of their current environment.
27 ( ANI ): Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel has said the secret to the auto-destruct photo sharing app is Internet connectivity, fast and easy media creation, and ephemerality.
In addition to furthering our understanding of spatial arguments, we are particularly interested in examining how the spatial arguments of the PARK(ing) movement engage with a tension between ephemerality and endurance that ultimately constrains and enables the tactical deployment of future PARK(ing) installations.
32) But even though Harris questions the centrality of the book in book history he nonetheless needs a concept of ephemerality the sense of the inchoate sea of flimsy print, 'shadowy', intrinsically disposable and incapable of being commodified in its own right-against which to define the ephemerality of forms such as the newspaper, an ephemerality which 'cannot be disposed of' because it is an ephemerality which keeps repeating itself, which commodifies periodicity and in doing so creates the sense of modern time.
The ephemerality of the web has a price; nobody, you'll notice, has managed to establish themselves as "the website of record.
Short-lived cherry blossom has been a traditional metaphor for the ephemerality of life followed by the inevitability of death.
The term may elevate everyday objects or refer to their ephemerality with memento-mori undertones.
Familial and reminiscent--like "Creole," about chance and injustice in life, and "The Green Piano," about material ephemerality and symbolic loss--these poems had as their salience their shared humanity.
Week in week out, the zombie hordes are a constant reminder of man's mortality and the ephemerality of life.