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Synonyms for ephemeral

Synonyms for ephemeral

Synonyms for ephemeral

anything short-lived, as an insect that lives only for a day in its winged form


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lasting a very short time

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At the same time, the increasingly ephemeral nature of digital geospatial content will make even more critical the need to address the long-term digital preservation challenges that are facing geospatial content.
Since ephemerals bloom early and fade out by late spring (May and June), they are often missed by those of us who don't begin gardening or spending time outdoors until the snow has melted and the warm weather arrives.
2) His personal narrative consists of fleeting, mundane events such as routine paperwork, doctor visits, and ephemeral relationships with women.
The court noted that if "the value of a gift made in trust can be reduced by an ephemeral interest, potential for valuation abuse increases considerably.
A few scientists, however, such as Dr Russell Shiel of CSIRO Land and Water and Dr John Green from New Zealand's University of Waikato, are working to identify and understand the microfauna and ecology of ephemeral floodplain pools.
Why might an artist choose to create ephemeral artworks?
The most recent assessment of Ottine Swamp identified 11 types of wetlands and listed features such as spring-fed creeks, ash swamps, sphagnum marshes, lagoons, and ephemeral pools (Taber and Fleenor, 2005).
This study was done on 50 Healthy and 50 infected to ephemeral fever female Holstein cows at a range of 4-6 years old and weight of 370-500 from different industrial farms in Hamadan province (Iran).
Their findings suggest that, on average, tillage in areas prone to ephemeral gully erosion can produce significantly higher soil erosion rates compared to those same regions under no-till management practices.
You can't start chucking around four-syllable words like ephemeral when your team have scored only three goals at home all season.
As we salute the glories of fashion, we remember that what has kept the QQ at the forefront, generation after generation, has been its devotion to things less ephemeral.
Project to create a dedicated place in the national scene Blois reuse of ephemeral theater of French comedy.
This beautiful spring ephemeral is also very fragrant.