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At the second meeting the possibility of including entries for relevant projects within CPP2, as a means of providing a single point of access to performance ephemera resources was discussed: it was agreed that this could be a useful development and that the technical issues involved would be considered by the CPP team.
Weaving together the museums' unsurpassed holdings of California art and ephemera, the exhibition tells the stories of four creative communities active in the northern part of the state between the 1930s and the present, shining a spotlight on artists who had their finger on the pulse of their time, and the grassroots conditions that allowed their ideas to flourish.
The book and ephemera fair runs from 11am to 5pm at the Harborne Road venue.
Of all new-found collectibles, paper ephemera is perhaps the cheapest, the most common and the most underrated.
John and Heather Gilkes have had a sort out and created Ephemera - helpfully described on the exhibition invitation as "items designed to be useful or important for only a short time".
Other lots include Boro programmes from the 1920s-40s, autographs, handbooks, 1966 World Cup ephemera, medals, badges and tickets.
A selection of ephemera, letters, and pieces by Tworkov's colleagues from this period will accompany his works, setting the art within its stoned context.
Tuesday, March 22, at MindFull Books & Ephemera, 29 Main St.
CHS's ephemera collections, focusing on nineteenth- and twentieth-century California, are now more accessible through the California Ephemera Project (CEP)--a portal to the ephemera collections at California institutions via the Online Archive of California.
5x6") gift book, Darmon, author of several other art and design books for the publisher, collects hundreds of high-quality color images of French graphic design from the past 100 years, including movie and travel posters, Art Nouveau and Deco products and packaging, popular magazine and novel covers, fashion magazines and accessories, music albums, and children's games, and other pop culture ephemera.
Maurice Collins, a London-based collector of vintage posters and ephemera, has built this collection of wartime posters over a number of years.
The collection will form part of a Historical Documents, Autographs & Ephemera sale by specialist auctioneers Mullock's at Ludlow Racecourse, Shropshire, on April 23.
The colors will be displayed with ephemera and medals of that period.
The archive is made up of more than 220 files and boxes of manuscripts; drafts of published and unpublished poems; correspondence with literary figures, academics and translators; fishing journals; personal diaries and various ephemera.
The Library contacted the organisers of the event and encouraged staff and others to collect any ephemera they could get their hands on.