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an ancient Hebrew unit of dry measure equal to about a bushel


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The ephah and the hin are measures of volume (the hin is a subdivision of the ephah).
No one will "make the ephah small" or "falsify the balances" until there is buying and selling, "withhold the pledge" until there is loaning, "keep back the hire of the laborers" until there is a wage system, "justify the wicked for a reward" until men submit their disputes to a judge.
McConville observes that "the traders [here] want to make the ephah [bushel] small when selling grain, and the shekel large, being a measure of the weight of the silver in which they will be paid" (2002, 372).
The prophet Amos also remonstrated the Jews for unethical business practices, including "making the ephah (a dry measure) smaller and the shekel larger and falsifying the scales of deceit.
Although dry measures were not standardized, three seahs equaled one ephah, which may be estimated at between twenty and twenty-four quarts, or about one-third of a bushel