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an ancient Hebrew unit of dry measure equal to about a bushel


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On all special days, Ezekiel requires that an ephah of fine flour be brought for each bull and each ram, but does not indicate how much is needed for each lamb.
For all special days, Ezekiel prescribes that a hin of oil to be brought with each ephah of flour; on Rosh Hodesh, however, the Torah ordains half a hin of wine for each bull, a third of a hin for each ram, and a quarter of a hin for each lamb (Num.
The Talmud addresses this contradiction by explaining that Ezekiel does not literally mean to prescribe an ephah of fine flour for every bull and ram.
For example, Ezekiel states that on special days an ephah of fine flour should be brought for each bull, whereas the Torah lays down that three-tenths of an ephah is required.
The ephah and the hin are measures of volume (the hin is a subdivision of the ephah).
Ezekiel 45:10-11 further specifies that the just balance and just ephah are to be of the same quantity in terms of the ancient measure of 'homers.
Or Just balances, just weights, a just ephah and a just hin, shall you have (36), close to you shall separate between the clean and the unclean (20:25).
Although dry measures were not standardized, three seahs equaled one ephah, which may be estimated at between twenty and twenty-four quarts, or about one-third of a bushel