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an ancient Hebrew unit of dry measure equal to about a bushel

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Members of the EPHA leadership are also involved in different national policy-related committees and taskforces.
In the past few years, EPHA was engaged in policy dialogues related to malaria, HIV/AIDS, and the Health Extension Program involving the MOH, teaching institutions, multilateral and bilateral donor agencies and professional associations such as the Ethiopian Medical Association, Ethiopian Nurses Association and others.
EPHA has maintained close working relationships with the health sector, health sector partners and non-government organizations.
The EPHA mission is to ensure a safe and healthy Olympic experience before, during, and after the 2002 winter games.
EPHA has established work groups to address drinking water; wastewater and water quality; illness and injury prevention; health promotion; food safety; air quality; solid waste; mass gatherings; environmental and emergency response (e.
But these "do not show the risk of injury, physical or mental health problems or even death that can result from drinking," said the EPHA.
EPHA contends, however, that Parker Hannifin soon broke the distribution agreement and started producing and making its own competing product that was similar enough to the EPHA product to create consumer confusion.
We filed this suit to protect our company's name and products," stated Mitch Myers, president of EPHA.
EPHA says the Commission is trying to promote an education approach "which has been proven not to be effective instead of the proven best practice strategies such as better regulation of the product and its marketing.