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a large table centerpiece with branching holders for fruit or sweets or flowers

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Traditionally an epergne has a large central bowl or basket sitting on three to five feet.
An elegant epergne, or table centerpiece, with seven ruby glass vases, made either in Stourbridge or Birmingham circa 1900-1910
clover * flowering branches and catkins * geraniums * hibiscus * passion flower * phlox * scabiosa * snowdrop * veronica TABLE 1-7 FLORAL DESIGNS CHARACTERISTIC OF THE VICTORIAN ERA Styles of Design * tight masses of flowers, often softened by foliage at the design edges * two- or three-tier flower arrangements made in epergne containers combined with fruits and vegetables * hand-held bouquets * dried flowers; pressed flowers under glass * artificial flowers made from shells, feathers, paper, hair, etc.
There are British country-house provenances galore, not least for the extraordinary rococo silver-gilt epergne and plateau of 1755 made for Burghley House and with the maker's mark of Edward Wakelin ($800,000$1.
The buffet dinner was presented on the dining room table, decorated-with an antique four-arm silver and crystal epergne containing an all-white arrangement of orchids, roses, snapdragons, lilies, and hydrangeas created by Pittman.
The silver-plated oval epergne (table centrepiece) is on display in the new International Slavery Museum in Merseyside Maritime Museum.
A pair of candle lustres with pink flashed glass and clear glass drops sold for pounds 520 while a Victorian opaque white and pink epergne with a central vase and hanging baskets sold for pounds 200.
An epergne - a grand table centrepiece - displays the technique in wire-work that Boulton considered a speciality of the Soho Manufactory, while candlesticks from 1774 and 1798 between them show how Boulton's style developed, resulting in the typically understated neo-classical style for which he is best known.
Sugar bowl and salt baskets have blue glass inners to highlight the pierced silver; This epergne, or centrepiece, would have been filled with fruit or sweetmeats
An exquisite floral arrangement of Freedom roses, red ginger, Stargazer lilies, and white alstroemeria were held in an 1840 Sheffield epergne.
For instance, in 2008 the National Trust acquired an epergne engraved with the Phelips family arms for Montacute, the Phelips house in Somerset.
On the groom's table, a rustic epergne overflowed with an assortment of homemade cookies, including the groom's favorite, cowboy cookies.
Another little-known exhibit, from an English family collection, is a fanciful mid-18th-century epergne, made by the Parisian silversmith Claude Ballin for an English patron, with dragon candleholders.
James Penny, a slave trader, was presented with a magnificent silver epergne in 1792 for speaking in favour of the slave trade to a parliamentary committee.