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Synonyms for epenthetic

of or pertaining to epenthesis


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The following abbreviations are used in the glosses: I-V genders ABL Ablative, BEN benefactive, CAUS causative, CNTR contrastive, COND conditional, CVB converb, DAT Dative, EP epenthetic, ERG Ergative, ESS Essive, F feminine, GEN1 first Genitive, HAB habitual, HPL human plural, INF infinitive, IMP imperative, IPFV imperfective, LAT Lative, LNK linker morpheme, M masculine, NEG negation, OBL oblique, POT potential, PRET preterite, PRS present, PST past, PTCP participle, SG singular, QUOT quotative, UW unwitnessed, W witnessed.
In addition, it is worth noting that the choice of epenthetic glides is systematic and depends on the nature of the phonological environment.
13) In order to fix this defect, an epenthetic movement is inserted, either a primary (path) movement or a secondary (e.
An epenthetic /i/ may trigger umlaut, as in meyiz 'kernel, marrow' < *mayiz < P magz.
also Nakao 1986), derivation (3) requires the employment of yet another rule, a suprasegmental one, which would assign stress to the epenthetic vowel.
On the u, probably epenthetic, see Kellens 1974: 137-39.
In words where a diphthong is followed by a palatalized consonant, an epenthetic vowel is inserted before the consonant after the diphthong (Eek 2008:132).
Epenthesis involves a violation of faithfulness because the epenthetic segment has no counterpart in the input.
Thus, in (46a), the subminimal, monosyllabic nouns /go/ acquire an epenthetic i- prefix to produce the required two syllables: (20)
ii 7): The author's analysis of e-ra-du-wa as a nominal with an epenthetic =u= between root and the dative =va with concurrent elision of the root vowel-e is not without its difficulties.
It was noticed in the process of analysis that an epenthetic vowel can occur between consonants in such cases as, e.
the requirement of assimilation, or the need to supply features to an otherwise featurally underspecified epenthetic or templatic timing unit.
Furthermore, it does not occur before either the definite article 1- or an epenthetic vowel (2: 157.
Dative -nek also forms a quasi minimal pair with 3pl -(e)nek showing that the initial vowel of the latter cannot be an epenthetic vowel inserted by general phonological processes.
The modern language contains approximately 60 verbs with a stem-final -t or -p which add an epenthetic -e- between the consonant and impersonal endings (EKK 2000 : 287).